Check Out How Fashionable Ladies Wear These Stunning Gele Styles

Gele is a typical Yoruba female head wrap  that is worn at special events like weddings or parties. Gele has gradually spread around the world because it is a fashion attire that you cannot ignore when you see it.

Today, there are different ways we use these head-wraps because everyone wants to be creative with their attires.

You may not be from the Western part of Nigeria to embrace gele, but you can make it and change your fashion world.  The art of wrapping the gele is a dynamic act and must be able blend it with your clothing. The elegant creases, horizontal elongation, spiral twists and the design configuration are things we look out for in the gele.

Have you been to an event and this gele takes over the attention? It happens often because it is not every lady who knows how to dress differently with it.  If you want to be the life that will bring excitement and talks in an event, go for the gele.  With an aso ebi, you are definitely going to enjoy adding a wonderfully wrapped gele to it.

The right ensembles should be considered when you are going for this head wrap that is unique in its way. If you can have the right wrapped gele that will match your outfit, you will be the center of attraction.  We know that no traditional party attire is ever complete without a head-wrap.

Over the years, a lot of ladies have come to realize that this head wrap is something that they can use to add glamour to their dressing.  Whether you are from Ghana, Zimbabwe or Egypt, you can make use of a gele.

It is more exciting when you are the only one with it in an event. However, if you are in an area where gele is the ‘thing,’ there is only one way to look different, be different with your gele design.

These days, we are seeing many fashionable ladies go for daring attires that make them stand out in the crowd.  The latest styles of these head wraps will amaze you because they are fierce, colourful and beautifully tied.

Look gorgeous and stand out with your gele. If you are thinking of something different from what you have ever worn, then these designs we have displayed will help you.


Even if you are moving out with your partner or husband, there can be a touch of the guy’s colour on the gele.

You can buy the ready-made geles on the market or you can meet someone to custom make your gele if you cannot create your design. The difference between the two lies in the way they are designed.  You may not even know which one is customized or ready-made, the only thing that makes a difference is the design.

The design of your gele is what will make you look different and chic. We believe that with the many designs we have shared with you, you will want to try your hands on gele.