ChatGPT: Benefits and Limitations for Africans


Everyone is caught up by the ChatGPT buzz. Initially, none of us knew that artificial intelligence had moved beyond our reasoning. Yes, we knew that AI could do anything, but ChatGPT took our breath away.

The text based artificial intelligence tool didn’t come to play with billions of dollars in funding from many investors.  ChatGPT is a machine learning model created to communicate in a conversational style, which is more advanced than any chatbot we have known.

The AI model follows instruction in prompt, offering responses in detail. In addition, the dialogue format ensures follow-up inquires or questions.  It can challenge incorrect premises dismiss inappropriate requests , and acknowledge its errors.

Therefore, the machine learning model helps with a number of tasks that includes Natural Language Processing (NLP). Furthermore, its high scalability ensures implementation in large-scale applications.

Benefits of ChatGPT

Are you wondering why ChatGPT has become an interest lately? ChatGPT has the ability to have a communication via many queries.  It creates software code that is opening a new chapter for NLP.

  • ChatGPT has the ability to help you with many tasks that involve NLP. Since it has been trained on the use of large dataset of text, ChatGPT can easily interpret and understand human-like responses to different requests and questions.
  • It can develop content because it can compose article based on any prompt. In addition, it can produce a song based on responses to your order.  ChatGPT supports users in improving their writing.
  • ChatGPT can create AI artwork. You can use the AI model to create intricate Augmented Reality (AR) situations if you instruct it.
  • It can compose code for you and test it. In addition, ChatGPT helps in debugging of codes. Also, it can improve users SQL abilities and improve their careers, especially for data scientists.
  • ChatGPT can control and change data. You don’t have to worry about redundant unstructured data when you use ChatGPT. It can manipulate data to become a structured one



Some others benefits include:

  1. ChatGPT can improve the accuracy and efficiency in NLP-related tasks
  2. It can respond accurately and quickly in responses to questions
  3. ChatGPT can help you with a wide range of tasks.

The limitations of ChatGPT

  • Plausible-sounding that may not be correct. Thus, it could be a challenge for people who don’t have time to research.  Therefore, be cautious when you use it.
  • ChatGPT is sensitive to slight when you make an input, and could ruin your data. Sometimes, it might not know the correct answer or how to answer correctly.
  • The Al model has bias issue and could over-optimize. Sometimes, it can use some phrases excessively.
  • ChatGPT does not ask clarified questions.
  • It may response to harmful requests.



Here is a summary of what to expect from ChatGPt. Today, it has become a threat to many sectors and brands like Google or Facebook. However, these brands have started creating competing AI models that may rival ChatGPT. For example, Google has responded with Bard ahile Facebook and Twitter are currently developing their versions of ChatGPT. What do you think of this AI model revolutionizing the world and how can it be beneficial to you and to Africa?