Career Interview Tips For African Women

Many of us tend to make some mistakes when it comes to job ethics. For African women, many of us often face religious or conservative men who easily find faults in what we wear than what we say or do way we act. When you want to go for a corporate event or an interview, we have listed some things you should be aware of.

Here is what you need to do when you go for your next career function or interview:

Wear Simple Accessories and Light Makeup
There is beauty in simplicity. For people who hardly wear makeup or accessories, this will not be an issue. Regardless, if you must wear either accessory, makeup, or both please ensure you keep it simple and light. It will not only save you time and energy, but it will also create a positive impression. Besides, we are sure you wouldn’t want to lose the focus of your interviewer on your heavy makeup.
Keep in mind that you are going for a job interview, not a party or social gathering. Your interviewer would not want to see you wearing long, dangling earrings, big necklaces, ankle chains, tattoos in conspicuous areas, and unnecessary finger rings.

Your outfit should mirror your personality
In as much as you have to dress appropriately or in line with the dress code of the company, do not forget who you are as a person. Always squeeze in some of that personality into your dressing. This will make whatever you wear unique and different, just like you. Consider it your signature.

Take, for instance, you like the color pink. You can always find a way to chip some of that pink into your outfits. Your dressing doesn’t always have to be a boring shirt and skirt with a brown leather bag. You can choose a plaid scarf, a black printed leather belt, a purse, or even a piece of jewellery to go with your outfit.
However, keep in mind that simplicity is beautiful. Do not, as a result of adding your signature to your outfit, go on to overdress. It’s a job interview or a function, not a costume party.

Have a simple hairdo and manicure
You know what they say about a neat and well-groomed hand. It is not only a sign that you take proper care of yourself, it is also a sign that you can take good care of other people around you and this may just be one of the criteria for getting the job.

We would advise you to stay away from those long designer nails for the time being. Maybe if you want to attend a party or any social event, you can fix them but as long as you’re going for a job interview, make sure your manicure is as simple as your makeup and outfit. Imagine filling a form in the presence of your interviewer with those long acrylic nails barely holding the pen comfortably.
Also, your hairstyle should be simple and neat. You want to give off the impression that you are responsible, so make sure to avoids crazy and complicated hairstyles that may paint a bad image of you.