How You Can Become A Millionaire by Investing on Beauty Products In Africa

Ladies are the first line of clients you will get without making a lot of noise as a beauty care entrepreneur in Africa.  Every woman wants to look unique and good looking with different personal and beauty care products.  The business goes beyond soaps, deodorants and even body creams.

What about make-ups such as mascara, face powder, eyeliners, lipstick, eyes shadow, rose cheek and a host of others? The market is extensive and you are the one to decide on what to deal on.

Indigenous Beauty Brands


African owned beauty brands are now making waves and gaining its stand in the cosmetic business sector. There are testimonial stories of African entrepreneurs who have made tremendous success in their beauty brands with locally-sourced plants and herbs. These African women have been a source of inspiration to others who wish to venture into the beauty product brands.

We will share reasons why there is a high growing demand for beauty and personal care products across Africa.

The Daily Need.


The beauty products are every day need. It is not one of those products that women will do without. Not even the women alone because the modern man is also making use of these products to look good.


The middle class population.

Half of the African population is below the age of 40, making Africa a home to the youngest population in the world. And we are witnessing a huge growth of the “middle class” population.

According to the African Development Bank , ‘middle class’ are said to be  those who spend between $2 to $20 a day. In Africa , we have over 300 million people who fall into this category. Note that the majority of people who fall into the “middle class” category are young vibrant and educated people. Most of the “middle class” reside in urban areas and are all familiar with the modern trends.  They have been so influenced with the culture of the Western world and desire to be more fashionable..

Deloitte reports states that in the last 30 years, the Africa’s middle class population has experienced a triple increase. According to the report, one in three people are now considered to be living above the poverty line but still not among the wealthy. It is predicted that the African middle class will experience an increase of about 42% by 2060. This is to say that by the year 2060, the population of the “middle class” in Africa would increase to 1.1 billion.

This is business for those who are into the cosmetic business.



The African Woman

Statistics has it that women are the biggest spenders in cosmetic, beauty and personal care products. No woman wants to be left out in the global trends. There is an increasing number in the population of women in the middle class who have spending power.

Higher education is influencing them to pursue promising careers and setting up goals for themselves. Due to this great revolution, more African women are earning good income. This increases their spending power causing them to invest more in fashion. A greater ratio of this spending goes into cosmetic, beauty and personal care products. As the quest to look good rises, the African cosmetic, beauty and personal care products market continues to boom.