Bra Tips Your Mum Never Told You

Without doubt, Moms are the most valuable asset in our lives. They are  always there to set us up into the right track, rewrite our wrongs and sometimes  take our blames. Moms are around us  to impact our lives and many of them turn to be our best teachers. But when it comes to bra tips, they probably missed a thing or two. This is the reason we are bringing you these tips that mums never told us.


You probably didn’t know that the sizes of your cup vary. The size of your endowment determines the size of the cup. For example, A 34C is basically just the same as a 36B.Now you might be caught up in this but it’s simply the truth. This is  called sister sizes. Go on and share the knowledge.

If the bra fits, wear it. And buy an extra.

Nothing could make you more comfortable than putting on something that fits you so well. And when you get one that gives you the best fitting, remember to get one or two more as backup.

A good strapless goes with everything.

The strapless bra is simply the best. You can rock any type of top with it, ranging from off-the-shoulder tops to sleeveless tops, sweaters, and also boat-neck shirts. The strapless bra is  amazing as you don’t need to worry if your bra strap are showing.

Shape matters.

Talking about shapes, we all know that front endowment comes with different shapes and sizes. One thing you need to put into consideration whenever you are shopping for a bra is the shape. When it comes to getting a well fitted bra, the shape matters as much as the size of the bra you want to get.

The breast shapes differs as well as the size.  The shapes ranges from tear drop, athletic, bell shape, banana and so forth. This difference in shapes tends to affect not only the size of the bra that suits you but also the style.

Finally, you have known the secrets that some of our moms were not able to tell us.  You can share these secrets with other ladies.