Booming Automobiles Business in Africa

Urbanization brought a major challenge in Africa-movement.  The demand for access to movement has increased over the years even with the millions of vehicles in the continent. Africa is one place where cars are greatly valued and respected.

The number of vehicles in Africa is still less compared to the number of people living in Africa. There is need to get more vehicles and the people are not disappointing with the number of cars been imported into the continent. If you are thinking of starting a business that will not disappoint you with buyers, you can go for the automobile business.

The number of cars entering Africa is doubling every year and there is still need for more manufacturers of vehicles to come into Africa.  We see automobile brands like Mercedes, Volkswagen, Honda and Toyota to name a few of the car brands that have taken over the numerous towns and villages.

The interesting twist to this business is that ‘made in Africa’ vehicles have made their ways into the continent-thanks to entrepreneurs who have built their vehicle empires.  Some of the local manufacturing companies include;

Mobius II

Mobius II is a respected luxury SUV that is made in Kenya.  The car makes its way into the market in 2018 and has been hailed as a robust and beautiful SUV for the African roads, with less amount and no thrills.


Innoson has made Nigeria proud with a number of private cars that are affordable and luxury. There is hardly a part of the country where the homegrown cars are not seen.


Uganda has the Kiira motors that is producing hybrid vehicles. Kiira has manufactured the first solar-powered bus in Africa.

Some of other countries in Africa like Sudan, Tunisia and Ghana are on the right path in producing promising homegrown cars. If you want to make a major investment in Africa, you can start up a car manufacturing plant in any of the cities in Africa.