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Black Seed Oil & Honey: Can It Protect You Against Viral Infections?

Many people who were not aware of the black seed oil came to know about it during the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

One of the Western governors who was inflicted by the virus revealed that he used black seed oil, honey and vitamin C in getting well. He said that the combination grew his immunity. What is this black seed? Black seed or Nigella sativa (black caraway) often called kalonji, kalojeera, black onion seed, black cumin and nigella comes from flowering plant family Ranunculaceae. It is origin is West Asia, Eastern Europe and Indian Subcontinent.

The shrub produces tiny black seeds that have become medicinal and also used for protection. These seeds are bitter when you taste them just like the oregano or cumin. It also has some antioxidant properties that cure inflammation both inside and outside the body.


The seed oil can be used in treating asthma and high blood pressure. Its antifungal actions can cure candidacies. When people take the seed extract for a period of time, their high blood pressure is reduce.
People with high cholesterol make use of the seed oil to control it. Even the crushed seeds produce excellent results when taken. Black seed oil can treat rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and stomach upset.
When the seed is taken, it relieves the body of gases, incidence of ulcers and stomach bloating. When the seed oil was used on lab rats to treat their tumours, the results were positive.
The seed oil contains thymoquinone that may help to reduce the effects of radiation on tissues damaged while treating cancer cells. However, don’t use this for serious medical issues without a doctor’s knowledge. Black seed oil can be used in treating problematic skin conditions like acnes, hydrating hair, psoriasis, softening skin and for healing wounds.
Black seeds improves the liver function but can be harmful to the kidneys and livers if taken too much.
The question remains: Is this seed oil dangerous? Medically, it has been seen that when taken, the effects of drugs can increase through the cytochrome P450 pathway. Before you can think of talking it, make sure that you talk to a doctor because of its adverse effects or allergic reactions.

We all know the positive effects of honey on our bodies. Honey has been used for a number of medical treatments. When honey and black seed oil is taken, it improves the immunity of the user. For a viral disease, those with underlying medical conditions are mostly affected. When the immune system is protected, falling sick is less but it doesn’t mean that one cannot fall sick to a viral infection.

We have seen healthy people fall sick despite having an excellent immunity. While we cannot tell you that taking black seed oil, vitamin C and honey can stop you from getting a viral infection, we can tell you that your body has a better chance of fighting it if your immunity is strong.