Black Ladies Makeup Looks That Would Get You Drooling

Hello Ladies,

Are you a woman of colour?

Do you find it difficult when choosing the particular shade of makeup suitable for your skin colour?

You should know that as a woman of colour, especially as a dark skinned lady, finding makeup materials like foundation or BB creams in deep colour shades is quite challenging. In fact, it is almost impossible.

You’ll also realise that even the in-store makeup professionals cannot help and advise you adequately. There is no doubt looking good is your business.

The first thing about having a great makeup is that we are confident of ourselves. The next is that others will either copy or condemn us. The latter is what we don’t want to experience.

If you have been doing it wrongly, there’s no reason to be worried. We have makeup tips for dark skinned ladies interested in perfecting their application of makeup . We have also rounded up awesome makeup looks for dark hued ladies.

  1. It is very important to try brands of makeup made for black women. I’d advise you also go for brands advertised by dark skinned ladies.Makeup brands that have variety of colour options for black women includes Revlon, Covergirl Queen collection, Black Opal and Shea Moisture. Your budget determines your choice.

  1. Make use of Bronzer. Just a quick dusting to the top of your cheeks with a fan brush adds glow to your face.

  1. Use blush.Dark skinned ladies do not blush. This however should not stop you from applying blush to your cheeks. This is important because blush gives the face a warm liviler look. Remember, the colour of your blush matters. Don’t go for a shade that doesn’t agree with your face.

Above are some of our best black girl makeup looks.