Best Ways to Explore Cameroon Dining and Cuisine

As with Cameroon’s night activities, Yaoundé and Douala have become the country’s cuisine hub with some of the best restaurants. You will find everything from Africa dishes to the local dishes that are by the far one of the cheapest. Meat is important in Cameroon meals which is what makes it tricky for vegetarians in the dining experience.

There are exemptions to vegetarians because there are places where they can go for plain starches like plantains, potatoes and couscous meals with stews.

Place de l’independence

We would like you to explore Place de l’independence in Centre Ville, Yaoundé to try the traditional fare.  It has a calm and soothing atmosphere alongside live music.  Live music is arranged most of the nights. You would have to ask when there are performances.  Africa and live performances is something you can add to your flavor while eating.

The Rue Joseph Mballa

If you are thinking of an upscale fine dining experience, you can visit the Rue Joseph Mballa, Eloumden Bastos, Yaoundé. The night experience is exotic and meals are carefully served to give you that taste you desire.  There are local dishes you can order here.

Carrefour Bastos

Carrefour Bastos, Yaoundé is where you can get some of the best continental meals in the country. You can go for the Italian and Lebanese specialties to American stapes, and the variety of meat-less meals.

We have listed some of the best local meals you just have to try out.  These meals would definitely give you something that you would want to experiment with in your own kitchen after eating.


Ndole has been argued to be Cameroon’s unofficial National dish. Of course, it is delicious and healthy.  The recipe can be tried at home.

Sese plantains

Turning plantains or Sese plantains has become a life saver to the  people of Cameroon. You will turn out to love it too after tasting it. The cooking recipe can now be seen be around the world. What this means is that you can be at your home and still have the taste of sese plantain.

Kati Kati

If have eaten chicken in different recipes but not kati kati. You will definitely forget your manners when you taste kati kati.  The bones may not be spared when you have this sumptuous meal.

Koki Corn

Koki corn is healthy and filed with spinach.  Vegetarians would surely love this delicious and healthy meal. You would be healthy to taste this meal.

Kwacoco Bible

Cocoyams come in different shades and recipes. Every chef knows how to make this meal turn out just the right way you may want them in Cameroon.  It is grated and fortified with crayfish and fish and wrapped in plantain leaves. You would have to steam it until it is well cooked. You may have to visit the Bakweri tribe.

Have you been to Cameroon? These are some of the ways you can explore the cuisine of this beautiful country.