Best Vacation Countries to Visit in Africa

Are you thinking of having the best holiday of your life without traveling out of Africa? Most tourists do not know that Africa has some of the finest destinations for holidays.  Whether you are seeking the best of Mother Nature or a slice of adventure, we have some countries in Africa that can satisfy your wanderlust. Some African getaways are best for ultimate relaxation and rest, while some assure you of a non-stop adrenaline rush.

If you are unsure of the country to head to during your getaway or holiday, we have listed some of the best vacation places for you.

South Africa

South Africa offers you everything you need in your holiday. From some of the most fascinating destinations to adventures, including safari experience, South Africa got your back.  While it offers you a slice of paradise, it still holds its culture boldly displayed in its entire holiday package.


Egypt has the Middle East and the Mediterranean experience for you.  There is no country like Egypt in its prehistoric exhibition.  You meet the past in the modern of the country and explore like a true adventurer in Egypt.


The unspoiled destinations scattered around Ethiopia leave you asking for more when you visit for your holiday.  The adventure and tranquility experienced in most of its destinations are memories you do not want to erase anytime.  From the ancient obelisks to monolithic churches, you have more to explore with your family and friends.


Tanzania does not share its pride in tourism. It offers you more bucket-list than you can meet.  If you want to have a memorable experience of the safari, you have the mass wildebeest migration and the big four to experience.


Madagascar is a getaway haven, enveloped by the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean and prime destinations alongside luxurious resorts.  From the quaint fishing towns, touristy areas to the baobab trees, you will make Instagram envious with your holiday pictures.


Forget about the Jollof rice that Nigeria boasts of when you visit and explore more of the best things in life in the country. Nigeria has more tourist destinations than it can count on because of the abundance of these destinations. Are you thinking of having the fun of your life in Africa? Nigeria is your chosen holiday destination.


Morocco blends Arabic and Mediterranean cultures to suit your holiday quest. It offers a different vibe with authentic attractions ranging from ocean, desert, and cities.   Marrakesh and Casablanca are super attractive, while Fez and Chefchaouen leave you breathless with endless adventure opportunities.


Ghana has prominent colonial architecture and super cool tourist destinations, surrounded by sandy beaches, lakes, mountains, and rainforests. You have enough tourist destinations to conquer but will run out of time to complete your bucket list.


Kenya is a beautiful tourist bride that you cannot stop loving no matter where you turn to meet her. She got enviable parks, phenomenal destinations, animal kingdoms, rich culture and cuisine, history, and architecture for you to explore.


Let us know which of these destinations you will be willing to visit during your next vacation