Best Travel Apps to Use for Documentation

The old people always say that technology has completely ruined the world, but we young people acknowledge that the statement made by this old people is wrong. One of the fascinating features of technology is the provision of smart phones in travelling which enables you to do so many things at a time while we are travelling from one place to another.  With the invention of smart phones come exciting travelling apps that make travelling fun and exciting. All these travelling apps seem to have something in common; which is solving the problems you may not know that you can.  Documenting your experience is one of the things it has in common which is done with the following app:

Taking pictures have taken another dimension especially with this app “PhotoSynth”. This app was programmed to offer you beautiful and stunning shots that can edit, recreate within seconds. The only thing you have to do is to stand at any spot you want to and then press that button which would give you what you want. It is linked to your Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter and so many social media. For this reason sharing the picture is now very much easy.  This app is absolutely free and is made available iPhone users.
Trip Journal
Trip Journal is available on all Android and iPhone though it is not free but can be downloaded at an affordable rate. This app was built to help you wrap up all the pictures and souvenirs that you have taken into a well organized file. With your GPS on, Trip Journal is going to do a lot of things for you like geo-tagging your pictures, notes and videos and also creating maps of your travel. Another feature of it is that with your GPS on it nearly  impossible to get lost because you can locate where you are and where you want to go or they could simply find you at any place you are.
iMovie is available on iPad and iPhone, though it isn’t free also it’s downloaded at a cheap rate. This is one of the interesting apps that you can have inside your iPhone or IPad. If you are thinking of getting some of the fascinating snippets of tourist spots to friends at home, you can make use of this app.  You can shoot transitions, edit suite especially where there is soundtrack. Also you can get and send movies from this app which you could watch while travelling and makes you not to feel boring in your journey.

This app is available to IPhone users, it is not free. This app helps you get latest songs from musicians around the world which you can download at your convenience. With this app you are assured of listening to songs all through your journey which would make the journey absolutely fun and exciting that you’ll wish the journey never comes to an end.

Google Play Store
This app is absolutely free to all android phone, these app is free. It was developed to give to access to all existing app which ranges from game app, social app and other app which keeps you busy while travelling.