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Best Restaurants to Eat Local Meals In Tunis, Tunisia

Tunisia will envelope you with some of the finest landscapes Africa can offer. The country is beautifully decorated by Mother Nature to make you feel jealous as a visitor.  Tunisia is one of those countries you visit and may not want to leave because of the fun that seems unending. The nightlife is exciting but the cuisine is something you cannot resist. We have some of the best places in Tunisia where you can taste some local meals.

 Oonagh Gannon


Oonagh Gannon will give you a chase for your imagination! On the tip of Tunisia sits this restaurant on the Mediterranean. The rich culture and history of the country brings life to the city. Visitors will love the way Oonagh Gannon is located. The French-style cuisine that has the modern touch and the local cuisine are blended to give your taste buds something you will hardly forget in a hurry.

Dar Slah

Dar Slah is a short distance from Government Square perfectly tucked in the heart of Medina.  The ancient building where Dar Slah is located will change the way you see restaurants. The owners of the restaurant showcase Tunisia pride and the richness of the culture of the people.  The sumptuous meals brimming over with the people’s tradition can only be tasted and told.

Fondouk El Attarine

There was a time this restaurant was only a caravanserai for those who are travelling. There is a transformation in Fondouk El Attarine that has presented the restaurant in an exceptional way- there is  magnificent edifice that have a luxury souk where you can buy stuffs and then you can seat back and eat local meals like pomegranate desserts, fresh mixed salads and fish tajines

La Bô M

The restaurant is located on the banks of Lake Tunis run by a female chef, Malek Laabidi.  La Bô M has become an innovative cuisine  that is based on high quality seasonal produce. Laabidi likes experimenting with ingredients and you can appreciate her effort when you eat here.

El Ali

El Ali was saved from a ravaging fire but has been transformed to a building where you can live out your taste bud fantasies. Gastronomy and culture meet here with typical Tunisian dishes served. You can order for local meals here and take drinks that have been perfectly brewed in the country.

Have you visited any of these restaurants? Did we miss your favourite restaurant? Comment and add to our list.