Best Moments To Get Married During Your Cycle

Seeing the monthly visitor on your wedding day can be frustrating! It is a nightmare that we dare…After all the planning we are held bondage by this visitor. Not to worry because we have a plan to get you fully prepared for your big day.

We have something most of you may not want to hear. The best time for your marriage can be around your period. You may wonder why this is important.  We have heard from some brides to talk about a phenomenon that make them feel as if their day was a blur.  You can avoid this blur when you can plan well.

We can tell you that the strategy may be logistically challenging because of the big dress and difficulty to reach your tampon.  The good news is there are three phases out of the four your menstrual cycle that you can take advantage of when getting married.

The first stage is the follicular phase that happens after your first your period. This is the amazing  phase to play around and embark on your adventures. For those who are prone to fear or anxiety, this is a great strategy.

The week after the first week of your period may be your jackpot if you are planning a wedding. It is your ovulatory phase and you will feel the energy and have that glowing face for pictures.  Honeymoon is entertaining during this phase.

However, you need to run from the PHM or luteal phase. This is that period when your blood sugar is at its low level and you tend to be depressed or anxious. Often, you are moody and the period is at its peak.  Brides feel the least confident during this phase. These symptoms are not perfect for your wedding. Most of us are so excited planning our weddings that we tend to forget about our period. At the end of the day, some of us are embraced by the visitor we never wanted to see.

However, if you end up with this phase for your wedding, you can make use of omega-3, vitamin B and probiotics to take care of yourself. There are also measures to use to reduce the symptoms of PMS.  Do not try starving yourself during this phase because your sugar is low and this can lead to foul mood.  You may go for sweet carb to take care of your sugar level.  You should reduce sodium intake to avoid bloating.

Make sure that your body is balanced with the right micronutrients. We can tell you that every date is a special one no matter where it falls into. We are super women and can do all things that we lay our hands. Getting married is our dream day and we cannot allow hormonal imbalance to ruin it. All we need to do is to keep the flow on check and make sure that we are comfortable throughout the event. At the end of the day, it is only us and our husbands who will understand what really went on that day.