Before You Take COVID-19 Vaccination in Africa

Doctor in protective gloves & workwear filling injection syringe with COVID-19 vaccine.

Covid-19 came with many controversies that have refused to leave the mind of millions of Africans. While it was believed in many quarters that Covid-19 was a biological weapon, others believed it was linked to the 5G mobile network among so many theories. many conspiracy theories left many confused and Africa scared of taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

What do we know about the covid-19 vaccines?

An effective vaccine protects a person who is immunized by lowering the chances of suffering from the virus. When there is a widespread vaccination for the virus, the spread of covid-19 will be limited. You need two doses of the vaccine to be safe.

Depending on the specification of the vaccine, you need a second shot 3-4 weeks after you have taken the initial shot.

Is covid-19 vaccine safe? 

The safety of these vaccines is a top priority. While we watch some countries take these vaccines, we have noticed side effects associated with the vaccines. However, the number of people who suffer adverse side effects are very few.

Once the vaccine is available for everyone, you can easily get a shot in doctor’s offices, health centers, hospitals, or retail pharmacies.

After you have taken the vaccine, you may experience some side effects. Do not panic. It happens in most vaccination because the body is trying to build protection.

The side effects may feel like flu and might affect a person’s ability to do normal activities. However, it goes away in a few days.

 How much will I pay for being vaccinated against COVID-19?

You do not have to pay for being vaccinated against the virus. 

Governments bear the cost of ensuring that you get vaccinated. However, vaccination providers might charge you administration fees before they give you the shot, which hopefully will be so small for you to feel any substantial effect on your pocket.

How long will it protect me? 

We do not know how long these vaccines can boost immunity. Vaccine developers are working to ensure that we experience longer immune protection than what happens with natural infection of the virus.

Will the vaccine work if a person tested positive or already had COVID-19?

People who had the virus or tested positive may still take the vaccine. There is not enough information available to fully answer this question.

If you get a vaccination, will you still wear a mask? 

The masks will still be a normal attire until everyone gets the vaccination. 

While getting vaccinated may prevent people from suffering from the virus, we not sure if the person can transmit the virus to others. So it is advisable to still wear masks after getting vaccinated.

Will children receive a COVID-19 vaccine?

No vaccine has been authorized for children under 16 until there is enough evidence on the safety timing, effectiveness, and practical aspects of vaccinating kids.

If you are pregnant or nursing your baby, do you need to be vaccinated?

We are waiting for the vaccine providers to assure these set of persons that they are safe, especially their kids.  

Time will help these developers understand these vaccines better, especially in terms of safety and side effects on the vulnerable in society.