APPLY For Swiss Re Foundation International ReSource Award 2018-$150k Prize and Fully-funded to Switzerland

Deadline: March 16, 2018

The Swiss Re Foundation  is inviting  private, public institutions, NGOs, scientific or public similar bodies to participate in the 2018 International ReSource Award. The award for resilience in the management of water is an award that recognizes social entrepreneurial thinking and leadership in implementing the principles of sustainability in water management.

The foundation recognizes the latest method in solving existing problem that is related to sustainable water management.  Over ten years, the prize has been recognizing leaders in this industry and giving out the recognised ReSource Award for sustainable watershed management.

The prize for the award is $150,000 which is given yearly to new social entrepreneurial initiatives driving sustainable water management practices.


The thing that is considered by the ReSource Award is the social entrepreneurial initiatives that is centered at scaling or prototyping the latest method in taking care of ecological issues and existing social problems when it comes to water management practice.

The prize will combine non-financial and financial contributions. The non financial contributions include expert advice. Half of the prize($150,000) will shared to the three finalists like this; $20,000 and coaching support for the each winner and the winner will be selected from the three and supported with $75,000 plus coach for three years during the development of the project.

The Finalists

The three finalists are going to get $20,000 each and a six month coaching that will amount to $2000. The coaches will ensure that they are ready to complete their proposal in a perfect way  (October 2018 – March 2019).  A representative per finalist is expected to travel to Zurich, Switzerland at the end of the program to present a social entrepreneurial initiative to the international jury that will select the winner of the ReSource Award.

The Winner

The winner will still be given $75,000 in addition to the $20,000 already given. The money is expected to last for three years or more from April 2019 to April 2022 to implement or scale up the winning social entrepreneurial initiative. At the end of the day, the  winner is  financially  supported with $USD 95 000 and non-financially with specific coaching for up to 3.5 years.





Award criteria

The following areas are considered:

The Social and ecological challenge:

This criterion will handle the authentic and profound understanding of what is happening in the ecological and social world and how it should be address.

The Impact:

The economic, ecological and social impact that is expected should be well defined in accordance with the vision of the award.

The Approach:

The award proposal should talk about a compelling or strong approach to the social entrepreneurial and proffer solution.

The Financials:

There should be a viable business plan that will deal with the finances and it should clear and understandable based on logical assumptions.

The Competencies:

There should be a qualified team with track record and appropriate skills.

The Risk management:

All relevant risk drivers and related prevention and risk mitigation measures are defined.


Application link can be found HERE