Amazing Lace and velvet Aso Ebi styles You Can Use

When it comes to the world of fashion, we are always fascinated by the evolving styles that catch our attention. There are always weddings to attend in every village, town and megacity in Africa weekly. One of the characteristics of this event is that we are expected to come up with a group match clothing referred to Aso Ebi.

Velvet and lace are two pieces of fabrics that have been creating waves since we found them compatible with each other. There is nothing that we cannot do with these combinations of fabrics when we step out for any Aso Ebi.

For those who are not sure of what their attire will look like when they have the velvet and lace, these styles will inspire you to use them. There is hardly an event that will not accept the beauty of velvet and lace.

Thinking of the stunning Aso Ebi style that will make you the queen of the event, velvet and lace can come to your rescue.  The secret  is to find a good creative tailor who can replicate some of these styles or create something from the scratch. Imagine the way you will look when wear any of these designs.