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The Expensive Burials That Improverish Africans

Burials in Africa can be daunting experience especially for those who are living below the poverty belt. We have seen a wretched man buried in pomp and loudness while impoverishing the family the more. The cost of burials can be heart-bleeding. There are places where a low budget burial...

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The African Town Where Donkey Racing is Highly Reverence

If you have not seen ostrich race in Africa, your journey to the continent is never complete. If you have missed the ostrich racing maybe you should experience the donkey race. While Formula 1 is where dare devils pull stunts on the road, donkey race in Kenya will leave you breathless and...

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momo africa

Typical Steoreotypes of the African continent must be altered. Article by article, MOMO AFRICA is committed to portraying the African people in a positive light

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