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African Men Tips To Match A Watch With An Outfit

Most men do not know how to match watches with their outfits.  A watch helps in complementing the personality of the wearer.  Some of the watches come classic, sophisticated, versatile, and simple. If you know how to match a watch with your outfit, you have a great fashion sense. The...

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How Milk Vending Machines Have Created Wealth in Kenya

How Milk Vending Machines Have Created Wealth in Kenya

Africa is enjoying the benefits of innovation in its different sectors.  In Kenya, many shop owners have stopped selling to their customers packaged milk.  Today, they have started using a vending machine to help them dispense fresh milk to their customers.  This has made it easier for...

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Typical Steoreotypes of the African continent must be altered. Article by article, MOMO AFRICA is committed to portraying the African people in a positive light

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