African Vegetarian Dishes For Your Special Events

It is no secret that African dishes are delicious and not always friendly to vegetarians. However, we have found the vegetarian dishes you will love when you come to Africa.  These meals will surprise you with their nutritious values. Whether you are a devoted carnivore or a strict vegan, we have listed some of the dishes you may want to try in Africa.

Shakshuka, Tunisia

You can find this meal in Tunisia, the Middle East and Northern Africa. A meal made of poached eggs with chili peppers, stew of tomatoes, heaps of spices and onions.  You cannot miss this meal. Yum!

Pampoenkoekies, South Africa

Another South African vegan dish you will love is the Pampoenkoekies, prepared with pumpkin fritters. There is no better delicious dessert you can taste than this vegan meal. You can enjoy it in any part of the country.

Akara Balls, Nigeria

The Nigerian Akara ball is a black-bean fritter, and it is irresistible. The smell will make you salivate. If you want it a little spicy, you can add the locally made sauce with it.

Koshari, Egypt

Koshari is an Egyptian chili meal that is made of pasta, lentils,rice, and tomato sauce. You can find it with friend onions or chickpeas. All are thrown together with hot sauce if you wishes or some garlic.

Vegetarian Bobotie, South Africa

You can tell the chef to take out the minced meat in bobotie with lentils, alongside with Cape Malay flavours, tomatoes, and egg-based topping with onions.  You will love this South African dish.

Kachumbari, Kenya

We can try this Kenyan fresh salad option with chili peppers if you want something a bit spicy, onion salad and tomato.  You will love the taste of Kachumbari. We must tell you that it is addictive

These are few of the vegan dishes you can try for your special events if you are in Africa.