African Startups That Will Change The Continent in 2020

2020 is a special year in the world with many fascinating developments and events happening in it. In the entrepreneur-world, Africa is not relenting as it churns out amazing startups that will define a lot of things for us.

We have listed some startups that you should look out for as the year gradually moves down.

If there is one thing that Africa desires, it is a subsidized or free internet facility. Since the introduction of mobile phones, there have been a need of closing the gap that expensive network providers have created in their data plans. Wasla is a Cairo based startup that has raised $1 million in its seed funding. The startup rewards users with an incentivized mobile browser that comes with free internet for mobile users.

Carry1st is a Cape Town startup that prides itself as the first to build a super app for Africans. It offers its users a smooth and seamless access across many verticals. The app is for betting on games. Different countries are downloading this app because of its effectiveness in the gaming industry.

Gozem is a digital wallet that can serve as a food and parcel delivery service. The startup is Togo based that deals on air-conditioned taxis, auto rickshaws and motorcycle taxis. Currently, the startup operates in Togo and Benin. It plans to expand to Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Congo (DRC), Senegal, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Gabon over the next two years.

Thinking of a reliable logistic firm in Africa, Kobo 360 is one of the startups to consider. The Nigerian based startup has raised $20-million in equity in a Series-A funding round led by US multinational investment bank and financial services company Goldman Sachs. There is another $10 million gotten from local banks to support the drivers and also improve the tech platform. The startup is a hub for transporters and shippers, and commanding more than 17000 trucks and drivers.


South African based startup, RapidDeploy is an awesome platform that saves lives. Founded by Steven Raucher and Brett Meyerowit, the startup’s software reduces the emergency response time in real life and improve any situational awareness. In 2019, RapidDeploy scored the largest deals in the country by raising a $12-million investment in a Series-A round from US venture capital fund GreatPoint Ventures and innovation fund Samsung.

While millions of Africans find it difficult to save their money, Piggyvest has come with mersmerizing and smart features to give Africans a support in saving culture. You don’t have to be a millionaire before you can save with the startup. The platform has a straightforward app that allows you join saving challenges or even safeguard your money for a number of months without you touching it.