African Heroes You Should Know

Africa has sung heroes who left and still leaving footprints on the shores of the continent. We have listed some of our heroes who have made us proud as Africans. The names of these men and women will always be remembered.

Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai, an environmentalist from Kenya was internationally recognized for her struggle for human rights, environmental conservation and democracy. She founded the Green Belt Movement in 1977 and ended up planting over 45 million trees in her country. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.

John Garang De Mabior

John Garang De Mabior is a liberator from South Sudan.  He fought to liberate the people for more than  20 years.  It was his effort that liberated South Sudan.

Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe was a Nigerian novelist, who wrote the 1958 novel Things Fall Apart, that sold over 12 million copies and translated into more than 50 languages. Achebe fought Western biases and colonialism through his writing.

Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan was diplomat from Ghana that rose to the rank of the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations. He will be remembered for his Five-Point Call to Action to fight Aids. He also created the Global AIDS and Health Fund. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a statesman from South Africa, who ran to Johannesburg to avoid an arranged marriage.  He is best remembered as the man who fought against apartheid and spent a chuck of his life in prison. He ended as the president of South Africa.

Desmond Tutu

Another South African who fought apartheid is Desmond Tutu, a cleric, who also has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Tutu is among the world’s foremost human rights activists.

Kingsley Holgate

Kingsley Holgate is a South African explorer and humanitarian, who distributed mosquito nets to kids and pregnant mothers.  He has done a lot of expedition to support the eradication of malaria in Africa.