African Herbalist: Are They the Hope of Tomorrow’s Deadly Diseases?

Africa is a continent blessed with some of the finest medicinal plants and trees.  Over the years, we have discovered some amazing plants that can cure many incurable diseases. We are not surprised because our forefathers had used herbs in treating themselves. Some of them lived up to hundred years plus before leaving.

When we compare the life span of the present world and the past, we notice that the past had a better lifestyle on earth even though; we have an excellent health care. With the number of complex medical support and technology, we are witnessing more life challenging ailments. Many of us cannot touch some of these natural healing herbs when we are sick. As much as they are extremely affordable, we rather go for the refined drugs to be healed.  We are not the dosages of these herbs that are prepared in liquid forms.

Today, we are talking about the natural healing balms that Africa has in surplus. One day, some of these plants and trees will be put into good use. The question we should be asking ourselves is this; is the refined drugs healing or killing us? Traditional medicine has come to stay with us. No matter how hard we try to wrestle it to a corner, it still stands out strong.

There are communities that are blessed with herbalists. It doesn’t shock most of us that these herbalists are often doing better than our doctors. We dabbed them fetish men and women who make use of black magic in curing people. The thin line between natural medicine and magical powers is what many of us have not been able to draw.

The rate the world of medicine is racing to get a permanent cure for malaria, cancer, HIV/AIDS and many other high killer diseases is mind blowing. Billions of dollars are spent on researches yet we often have to wait for months or even years before we can get a green light on a vaccine. Most times, companies spend so much money without getting a result. While we push our herbalists to the dark corner of life without giving them an opportunity to try out their natural herbs on us, things are getting worse.


Interestingly, these men and women hardly respond to the lashes they receive from most of our ‘educated flocks.’ At the end of the day, many of them still come to them for help when modern medicine fails.  Herbalists are the ones who often take up condemned ‘medical patients’ those doctors were unable to treat. The good news is that they often bring back these condemned sick people to life with natural herbs.

Maybe, we should give them a chance to collaborate with the scientists. Maybe, we can do better as a society if they can bring to light some of their herbs that have healing powers. With a good synergy, the world of medicine can move faster than it is moving with excellent results. What do you think?