African Footwear to Rock This Season

No outfit is complete without footwear. Whether you want to walk across the street or go to the office, you need footwear to protect your feet. While the number one job of footwear is to protect the feet, it offers its users beauty and style. Most people can analyze your fashion sense through your footwear.

What do you wear? We can hear you call the names of many foreign footwear brands. However, Africa has Africans making our product with their awesome footwear. 

Most of the local shoe markers have made it easier to buy made-in-African footwear at an affordable rate.

Many people might find it difficult to differentiate locally made footwear and foreign footwear. With the advance in technology, most of our Africa’s footwear makers have improved in creating expensive footwear.

From Ghana to Nigeria, Kenya to South Africa, and Ethiopia to Egypt, we have countless numbers of footwear makers.

Here is some of the popular locally manufactured footwear you can try in your country:

SoleRebels (Ethiopia)

SoleRebels is bringing out stunning and exceptionally comfortable footwear. The brand changed the narrative that things produced in Africa are inferior to what other continents produce. Thinking of beautiful footwear to rock, you can make use of this brand.

Della (Ghana)

 Della is in Ghana and its footwear is produced by a community of women. The brand offers locally-made batik prints and designs. If you want to change your footwear appearance, you can think of this brand for your outing.

ENZI (Kenya & Ethiopia)

ENZI produces high-quality global footwear. Thinking of high-quality footwear, this brand does not disappoint in its numerous footwear design.

 Buqisi-Ruux (Kenya & Uganda)

You can try Buqisi-Ruux footwear if you want to add fashionable shoes to your outfits. Look great, bold, and vibrant with this footwear.

T.T. Dalk (Nigeria)

 While Nigeria has a countless number of super talented footwear markers, we can talk about T.T DALK, which makes trendy and elegant footwear for both men and women. 

While many people still believe foreign footwear is the best, Africans are changing that narrative by creating super beautiful shoes.

Swaheelies (Kenya)

 The Swaheelies footwear is created with African fabrics. The printed fabrics give these shoes a stunning appearance. The shoes are handcrafted, making them cool and creative.

HTW – Heel The World (Ghana)

Take footwear from this brand in Ghana and have a beautiful outing. People will appreciate what you wear and you can proudly tell them it was made in Ghana.

Haus of Hercules (Nigeria)

Thinking of exquisite and stylish footwear, you can make use of the products from Haus of Hercules (HOH). Whether you want brogues, oxfords, loafers, moccasins, and toms, this brand got you covered.

Passport ADV (Ethiopia)

 You can rock this shoe brand from Ethiopia and look different on the feet of other people. 

Take a clue from the brand when you rock their products and enjoy the attention.

Hesey Designs (Nigeria)

This African-inspired fashion label creates beautifully handcrafted shoes for you. Why not look more African when you rock these shoes in any part of the world?


We urge to try an African inspired footwear to give you that astonishing look you desire.