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African Airlines That PLY West African Routes

West Africa has some amazing countries like Africa and offers tourists some of the best vacation packages in Africa. Gone are the days when you are scared of coming to West Africa because of the type of plane that you book. Today, there are some world class carriers that ply the various routes in West Africa. Here are some of airlines you may want to take if you are coming to West Africa:


South African Airways

In 2014, South African Airways won the Best Airline in Africa at the World Airline Awards at Farnborough International Airshow. The airline has become one of the popular airlines that offer passengers luxury and comfort. South Africa is a member of the Star Alliance.


Gambia Bird Airline

Gambia Bird Airline is established to give comfort at an affordable rate. The airline takes you through some of the finest countries in West Africa. It doesn’t matter if you are coming to West Africa for business, pleasure or family visit,  Gambia Bird Airline is here to offer a luxury flight and service that is personalized.


Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is famous for its exceptional services. It moves around West Africa with world class facilities that would put your mind at rest.  The airline is the Kenya’s flag carrier and member of Sky Team. It is the third biggest airline in the Sub-Saharan are and partly owned by the government of Kenya and Air-France KLM. It can comes to South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Ghana.

Tunis Air

Tunisair is legendary for  many reasons. It was the first African airline that bought Airbus A319 and a flag carrier of Tunisia. The Tunisair has a frequent flyer called Fidelys and  a member of Arab Air Carriers Organization. Tunisair major hub is the Tunis-Carthage International Airport. The airline move around West Africa and got some modern facilities that would amaze you.


Egypt Air

One of Africa’s global airlines is Egypt air. It has advanced facilities, improved routes and affordable flights. It is a member of the Star Alliance and serves cities in Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and others.  You can experience one of the best passengers’ services in its in-flight operations.

Elysian Airlines

Elysian Airlines has a slogan; ‘The African Dream.’ Its main hub is the Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport in Yaoundé, Cameroon. It operates across most of the major countries and cities in West Africa.

There are other airlines that you may want to use if you are coming to West Africa.  It is your choice and the flight package that can determine the flight you would choose.