A Guide to Eating in The Finest Eateries in Gambia

Gambia is an amazing destination in Africa that brims with wildlife, warm and welcoming to visitors.  If you will experience the best that Gambia has to offer you, you may consider going to some of the best eateries in the country.  With the number of resort areas to relax and spend amazing moments, the local cuisine has become the real attraction for those who want to eat healthy.

There are places where you can eat local meals and also Italian, Chinese and Indian dishes. We have a guide that will help you eat out if you are coming to the country the first time.  It may surprise you to know that at the entrance of some of the eateries , you are going to be greeted by a staff  or the owner of the place who will greet you warmly. Don’t forget to return their greetings.

You may be asked if you would love to drink at their bar or eat inside the hotel.  Do not try to hurry because you will need to enjoy your money and have value for your money.

There are some rules in some of the eateries in Gambia. Take for instance the Ngala Lodge, where the menu is placed on the wall.  You may take a look at what is offered and make your order.  Politeness to the staff is important. It is rude to snap your fingers or even shout to bring the waitress to you. The locals consider it as lack of savoir-faire.

Some eateries like the Mama’s and Al Amir have buffet that introduces you to the selections on the menu. You are not expected to rush in a buffet and you are not expected to mix everything you see on your plate.

Some eateries have the order of not putting on caps or hats especially those with night clubs.  There are different types of places you can eat out if you are in Gambia.

 Local Barbecues

Late in the evening, you may appreciate the ‘Afra’ or barbecues takeaways.  You will see them waiting for you at the roadsides. You can order for your goat, lamb, or chicken that is grilled with a hot charcoal.  You may have to avoid he chicken because of diarrhea if it is your first time of eating it.

 Beach Bars & Restaurants

Over the past few years, beach side restaurants have sprung up, giving tourists access to beautiful beaches.  Solomon’s is one of the best place to eat out if you are looking for seafood beside the beach.

There are different types of  meals you can grab in Gambia. You can enjoy fresh juice and fish, the local lager- Julbrew and seafood, salads, grilled lamb in pitta bread and lots more.