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8 Things Africans will Always Consider Funny

We hardly taken things to heart especially things that a foreigner may consider crazy or absurd. However, there are common things that are normal in developed countries that are absurd in Africa.  You may be surprised to listen to some of these things because they are funny.

Foreign Accent

French and English Language may be some of the official languages that are used in Africa. However, when you start speaking like a foreigner as an African, you may be putting a free show for yourself.  People will laugh at you and look at you strangely because they believe we have our unique accents.

Foreigners Who Eat The Local Meals

Most Africans may create a mountain out of nothing when they see foreigners eat their local meals. When a foreigner is engrossed while eating some of our local meals, you may find people giggling and pointing at the person.

Politicians Promises

Politicians are known to be liars. When they talk the people hardly take them serious because they are aware that those promises are to put them on seat. When these long talks from politicians are been made, their people see it as funny.

African Movie Stunts

If you have seen a ghost in a locally made movie, you cannot help but laugh out loud. Some of the stunts in these movies are funny. We often compare Hollywood stunts to our local movie stunts and thus, see our movies as a child’s play.

Early Arrivals to Function

The mentality of not keeping to time is common. When we see people who always arrive early to functions we think they are hungry for foods especially when it has to do with celebration. Africa time is when the program is schedule for a particular hour, we come an hour later.

Ladies Struggling Over A Man

In movies, we may accept that but in reality, we don’t expect our ladies to fight over a man. When this common incident happens, people gather around to watch the drama. It often ends in shouting and fights which are recorded on devices and posted online.

Africans Coming Back From Abroad with Accents

We know your parents and even your siblings here in Africa. When you travel and come back with an accent, it is always a funny thing among those who have known you for years. It doesn’t matter how long you have spent outside Africa, when you are in Africa, it is expected that you act like an Africa.

Parents Who Don’t Nag Their Kids

Every parent wants the best for their kids. They wake you up or keep you late to drum good morals into you. Sometimes, the matters arising are over-flogged and may leave the kids dare such meetings. A family without parents who over-flog issues are considered aliens. It is expected that your mother must nag you and report you always to your father, who would end up giving you punishments.

Do you think these practices are funny? Did we miss any of your funny compilation? You can add to the list by commenting below.