8 Social Media Platforms You Should Know Their Disadvantages

In our world today, the internet has given us something more valuable than we can ever repay it; the social media.

We want to be noticed and loved. In a situation where our loved ones are millions of Mike’s away from us, how do we show them everything that has been happening around us?

The social media has become the bridge between our world and the world. We have see many social media platforms come and go. Today, we have some amazing platforms that we are forever grateful to be associated with. We can hang out with friends , have parties, conferences or even classes on these platforms.

We have listed some platforms and why we love or hate them.


It has a massive online community.
You can find people or even lost family members and friends within seconds.
It comes with an integrated messenger platform.
You can join interest groups or pages.

Facebook is highly addictive.
You may not be able to keep up with groups and friends updates.
To handle your privacy settings, it requires a complex startup.


Twitter has a huge community.
You can operate the platform with ease.
You read a lot of updates without doing a lot of search.
Twitter integrated with any third service.

The platform may seen disorganized.
You may not be to search for specific people.
Developing your followers can be hard job.


You can easily make new connections.
Finding people is very simple.
LinkedIn is well organized.

Sometimes, you end up with more information than is necessary.
A lot of messages from unknown marketers.


You have enough entertainment to keep you busy for hours.
You can interact with followers of didfy communities.
The comment sections are active.
You can find people with similar interests.

It has little personal space than a lot of social media platforms.
You can be overwhelmed by the volume of information here


It is exciting and informative.
It has amazing filtering feature.
You see the lives of others through pictures.

Instagram has strict policies.
Ads are much on the platform.
Overly edited pictures are many.

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It is entertaining and informative.
You can search and discover mind blowing ideas.
Inspirational messages are everywhere.
It has intuitive interface.

It is infested with affiliate posts.
limited information on many topics.
The platform can be cluttered.


The platform is easy to use.
You have access to navigate millions of users.
Snapchat’s editing filtering features are cool.
It is more intimate and personal than other social platforms.

Your contents are erased everyday
You will be fed up with many useless information or contents.
Finding friends and family members can be hard
to find people you know.


Reddit has an impressive user base.
You will love it’s qide range of perspectives.
The contents are well organized.

Occasional, you will find inappropriate information or content.
To find subreddits can be challenging.
Unmoderated content is what you may not like.