Travel Tips

8 Entertaining Things To Do on a Long Flight

Long-haul flights could leave you overwhelmed and tired, especially if you didn’t prepare for such flights.  International flights that take you from one country to the other can take half a day. It means you may have to stay in some uncomfortable situations like transit challenges.

Here are some of the entertaining suggestions that can keep you busy during your long flight:

Pick a Book

Maybe, your busy schedule has not allowed you to read for a period. While you get ready for your journey, find some books that can keep you entertained during your flight.  Reading will take away your mind from the delay or challenges associated with long hauls.

Play Games

If you love playing games, you may spend a better part of your time playing games like monopoly chess, scrabble, or card games. With the number of game apps available to download without payment, you can play educative games.

On the other hand, if you are travelling with friends or family, you can come along with board games or card games. Whenever one is engrossed in a game, it helps in relieving stress and discomfort.


Catch up on long movies

Many people prefer watching movies during long-haul flights. While reading or playing games may have a limit, watching movies would keep you more engaged.   Maybe, you have missed many series because of limited time. You can catch up on these long movies until you fall asleep.

If you have a stop-over in a country and you don’t want to stay lonely, visit sites like Amazon prime or Netflix.  With the number of movies on these movie sites, you don’t have a dull moment.

Listen to a new genre of music

You can get rejuvenated when you listen to a new genre of music.  You might have been enjoying a particular genre, but you can listen to a new genre.  Since you have enough time to sample new music, you can get lost in the lyrics and beats of creative minds.

With music, you can learn about countries lifestyles and cultures. We recommend you find a list of music before you travel. The list you created will become a great companion to you.

Learn a new skill

You might have been procrastinating to learn about a new skill.  With a long flight awaiting you, find those tutorials that would teach you these skills.  Some of the new skills you can consider include learning how to code, color, draw, and other skills.

If you have an idea about a skill, you can perfect some sections of the skill by learning the advanced aspect of the skill.

Learn a language

Do you know you can learn the basics of a country’s language, especially if you are visiting a non-English country? With technology, it has become easier to learn new things without stepping out of your comfort.

You can download apps or buy books that would help you learn a new language before you step out of the aircraft.  You can learn the basic language like greetings and etiquette to help you settle fast in your new place.

Listen to a podcast/audiobook

You may be surprised the amount of information you can get from an audiobook or podcast.  Download some of the most interesting podcast that would keep you busy during your long-haul flight.

Since you don’t want to stay idle or bored during your flight, you can gain insight into many sectors with podcasts.

Relax and pamper yourself

A long-haul can help you relax and unwind. With a lot of running around before your flight, you should consider taking a rest during your flight.  Take some water and avoid alcohol that can affect you at high altitudes.

Show yourself some love with soothing skincare regime to pamper your skin. You can decide to meditate for either religious or spiritual purposes. With meditation, you can clear your mind of anger, frustration, or pain.

If you maintain a stable mindset before you get to your destination, you can be more productive.

We believe that these ideas can keep you entertained and busy during your long-haul flights. While some of these ideas are easy, others may need you to take some extra efforts to achieve them.