8 Best African Cities To Enjoy Your Retirement

Africa has some of the finest places you can retire without breaking a bank. If you have lived outside the continent and want something different, exotic and affordable, Africa got some of the finest destinations for you.

Every year, thousands of people come to Africa to settle in for retirement. Africa offers you welcoming culture, sumptuous cuisine, and diverse landscapes. Here are some of the finest cities you can pick:

Kumasi, Ghana

Kumasi is popularly known as the “garden city,” and adorned by exotic plant species and beautiful flowers. If you want to feel at home with nature, Kumasi should be your destination.

The locals are friendly, making it a great city to have your second home. Why should you come to Kumasi? It has a low cost of living that can fit into any budget. You don’t have to spend much to get a fully furnished apartment.

In addition, the city has markets, museums, forest reserves, and other tourist attractions for family.

Grahamstown, South Africa

Do you like art and literature? Coming to Grahamstown will make you love South Africa for everything.  For instance, the city hosts national arts festival and has a university environment.  Grahamstown has become a hub for literature, art, and cultural activity.

Surprisingly, it offers you an affordable accommodation option. To relax and unwind, the city has Kariega Game Reserve, the Kwantu Elephant Sanctuary, the National English Literary Museum, and other places.

Asmara, Eritrea

Eritrea offers you that calmness you desire in a retirement city. With its uniqueness and beautiful scenery, Eritrea has become a favourite place for people who want a taste of Italian life.

You can find Italian food in most restaurants because of its colonial heritage. Eritrea has a cool climate that would keep you longer in the city. To keep you more engaged, you can visit the Dorfu Ravine, Medebar Market, Martyrs National Park, and the Biet Ghiorghis Zoo and Park.

Victoria, Seychelles

Victoria is Africa’s smallest capital city you can pick as a retirement destination. It has become home to many expats and tourists. Victoria is on the northeastern coast of Mahe, which is the largest island in the country.

The slow pace life would get you hooked and make your retirement memorable. While you lazy around, some exciting moments await people who want to explore the city. You can spend your evening exploring the stunning Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, or heading to the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market.  You can decide to scuba dive and swim to unwind.

Port Louis, Mauritius

Coming to Port Louis offers you an opportunity to enjoy a tropical climate and picturesque scenery.  If you are religious, Port Louis would be an ideal destination for you.

In addition, Port Louis has a budding financial, manufacturing, and tourism services. You have educational institutions, libraries and research facilities to help you learn more if you are a researcher.

Durban, South Africa

Durban has a sunny climate and a perfect location if you want to explore sandy beaches or try surfing. Alongside its many exciting activities, you have a slow pace life that would keep you relaxed.

Durban acts as a busy harbor that brings many great items into the city.  The city has trendy neighbourhoods that blend luxury with tourism.  If you want where to find an eclectic nightlife scene or pockets of parks, Durban should be your place.

Cairo, Egypt

You don’t have to adjust your lifestyle to fit into Cairo. With lots of shops, restaurants, and exciting places to visit, you would love Cairo. Every day is tourism for you if you want to relax and play during retirement.

Cairo is super affordable and has loads of relics that talk about the past. Not forgetting that you would wander through museums and other enviable spots in the city. For instance, you would find large mosques, churches, green parks, decrepit buildings, sacred grounds, and lots more.

Algiers, Algeria

The “Paris of North Africa” blends Arabic and European cultures and offers gorgeous whitewashed buildings on the bay just off the Mediterranean coast.  Algiers has a close-knit community that provides a flourishing ground for different languages.

If you want to reside in a city that would soothe your senses with sight, sound, and cuisine, Algiers should be on your list.