7 Ways You Can Dress to Impress Anyone

The way you look is a key factor to determine how people see you. Many entrepreneurs fail to understand this because they think education, networking, getting credentials, writing papers, taking workshop and classes and any other thing to stay competitive is all that matters.

Believe me, your appearance sends a message to your employees, business partners, customers and investors. For instance, If you dress sloppy, the message sent is that you’re dressing for your comfort which is more important than theirs.

You should also know that the way dress presents yourself in a professional manner. It shows people you have a sense of security.

Yes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts but unfortunately, the business world doesn’t operate that way. The outside is just as important as the inside.

Your image is a powerful tool. People tend to judge you based on your appearance.

Here are seven tips on how to project a more professional image at work.

These tips below will help you present a more professional look at work.

  1. Prevent wrinkles and missing buttons. Wrinkles and missing buttons just ruin the professional look you’re aiming for.

Hang or fold your clothes neatly after use to avoid wrinkles and check your garments regularly for missing buttons. If noticed, the button should be sewn back by you or taken to a seamstress.

  1. Keep your clothes and shoes looking fresh and in good condition.

Nobody wants to associate with a person whose clothes and shoes look ragged. Your local dry cleaner, bootblack and tailor should be your new best friends to ensure your clothes and shoes stay in perfect conditions. Remember, the difference between your competitors and you is the details.

  1. Pay attention to your nails. Your finger nails should be kept clean and trimmed. The nails are important indicators and should therefore be properly taken care of.
  2. Don’t skimp on shoes.

People tend to rate you from how your shoes look. You have only a pair of feet, so buy the best shoes you can afford. The work doesn’t just end there. Your shoes should be polished and kept scoesuff free. If the heels are worn down, repair them immediately.

For Men, buy cedar shoe trees as they help to keep the shape of your shoes, control odor and absorb moisture .

  1. Pay attention to your accessories. Even the simplest accessory like a pen matters. Ensure you buy good quality accessories and focus extra attention on accessories you carry about.

Carry a good looking briefcase, pen, portfolio and leather covered notepad or tablet.

  1. Keep a jacket handy. Jackets give clients a nice message. It shows them you’re ready for business. Your jacket should always be available just in case you or called to attend an important presentation or an unplanned meeting with clients. It could be kept at the back of your office door or a dark garment bag in your car.
  2. Dress for your client’s comfort, not your own.


Don’t take a chance on what to wear. If you’re not too sure of a particular outfit, dump it right away. Your clients need to see you professionally so you should stay far away from clothes that are too tight, too short, too revealing or too baggy. Dress far above what your client will be wearing.