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7 Things First Time Nigerian Travellers Are Fond of Doing


Once in a while, we see friends and relatives leave Nigeria the first time to some developed countries around the world. The truth is that those last moments of spending with them are treasured and exciting especially for the travellers.  There are some things that some of these travellers and their loved ones are fond of doing which may be funny to people from other parts of the world. We have listed some of these things and we bet, some of these things you may be guilty of.

1.       Trying to Hide the News from Public

The fear of the traveller’s safety becomes paramount to the family when a visa is secured. The information about the person movement is hidden until the last minute when the family believe that the coast is clear for their own to leave the country. Sometimes, outsiders or neighbours are not aware of the person’s travelling until the person has called them from the intended country.

2.       Counting the Days

The person travelling is livelier and happier but very anxious for the date of travelling to come close. Most nights are spent talking about the country and the beautiful things that are waiting for the person to explore. Days are counted and as the departure date arrives, lifestyle is changed.

3.       Going for Special Prayers/Thanksgiving

For the religious ones, most of them go for special prayers to stop the evil in the country from following them to their destination.  Some of the travellers go a little spiritual to ensure that there is no hitch in their movement. Thanksgiving is done in a big way with friends and well wishers coming out to rejoice with the person for getting a visa. If it is American visa, the celebration may be more elaborate.

4.       Taking Pictures with Friends and Family

The traveller is seen taking a lot of pictures with friends and loved ones as if the person may never come back to the country any time soon. These pictures become a sort of souvenir for the traveller and the persons they took the pictures with.

5.       Collecting Wish List from Loved Ones

A traveller may end up collecting so much wish list from loved ones that an observer may be wondering if the traveller has already made so much money overseas. Some of these lists are crazy ranging from gadgets to clothing. Unfortunately, the traveller accepts to fulfil all the promises that may never be fulfilled.

6.       Traveller Turns A Messenger

It is so funny that even before the traveller can get to his or her intended destination overseas, a lot of packages and messages are given to the traveller to deliver to strangers in that country. The traveller becomes a messenger who must deliver stuffs and information to those in that country.

7.       Turning into a Fashionista

The traveller spends a lot of money on attires including the native attires to look presentable. The women are the ones who are fond of doing this. They may end up leaving most of what they got for themselves because of excess loads at the airport.

8.       Eating a Lot of Local Delicacies

Most of the first time travellers erroneously believe that they may not be able to eat local meals when they travel out of the country. This is the reason why most of them try to eat so much of these meals before their departure.