7 Simple Ways to Dress Like a Fashionista

Do you feel like changing the way you dress? We have listed some of the best ways you can become dress better. These tips are going to help you step out as a fashionista. 

Here is what you should know about dressing better:

Take time to organize and work on your closet

Organizing and editing your closet is an essential routine, which must be done if you want to dress stylishly. Before picking an outfit, the first step is mentally visualizing the outfit but how can you do that when you don’t even know what’s in your wardrobe? Take away clothes you no longer wear or like then carefully arrange your wardrobe according to your preferences. Fold the clothes, which need to be folded, and hang the ones which need to be hung. By so doing, choosing outfits will be a whole lot easier and you can create new styles and combinations just by looking at your wardrobe.

Get a good Tailor

Finding a good tailor is very important if you’re a fashion lover. Tailored clothing not only looks polished but also feels more comfortable. There are so many already made styles out there and they may not fit exactly. Getting a good tailor who can adjust these killer dresses or even sew one with your measurements is simply divine. From a simple pair of jeans to a blouse or a gown, a good tailor can turn your wardrobe from basic to fabulous. A handy tip to make your jackets look more stylish is to get your tailor to use fancy buttons for your jackets and coats. 

Invest in styles that match your shape

Strategic shopping involves an endless supply of outfits that look great on you. It is important to invest in styles that suit your body type. However, if you are indecisive on the kind of clothes that suit you, then take a look at the most flattering items in your wardrobe then shop for other pieces which have the same silhouette. While shopping, you can try those styles of outfits with different fabrics, colors, and embellishments.

Prepare for the Fitting Room

Whenever you’re going shopping, always prepare yourself for the fitting room. You need to test the dress to know if it fits your body type or not to avoid returning it later. A tip for any lady going shopping is to wear the appropriate accessories or underwear for the clothes you plan on getting so that you can see the outfit from the best perspective. An evening gown with high heels and the appropriate lingerie will always look better than with sneakers and a sports bra.

Wear colours that suit your skin tone

Your skin tone is responsible for some colors looking great on you and others looking not so good on you as well. Wearing stylish outfits involves finding colors that flatter your skin tone. If you have a cool complexion, opt for clothes that have colors like white, black, grey, silver, and blue. Then if your undertones are warm, choose designs that have shades of brown, yellow, gold, olive, and red.

Buy These Three Essential Jackets

There are three jackets which are a must-have for any lady who plans on dressing stylishly. They include a leather jacket which can be worn for evening outings and on edgy outfits, a denim jacket to create a casual yet fashionable look, and lastly, a tailored blazer for work and formal occasions.

Reveal the right amount of Skin:

For showing skin, choose either your legs, cleavage, or arms and in an adequate amount. Showing too much skin is often perceived as trashy and we don’t want that, do we? The right amount of skin shown off is important if you want to create a stunning evening ensemble. If your best feature is your legs, then you can opt for a long-sleeve, high-neck mini dress. If you would like to show off your cleavage, choose a full-length dress with a deep-V design. However, if you’re unsure of what part to show then try revealing less, not more.