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7 Most Inspiring African Leaders You Should Know

You may have heard of dictators who looted Africa hungrily and were notorious for a lot of heinous crimes. Africa is not as gloomy as you think because there are thousands of exceptional and inspiring leaders. We have listed some of these inspiring leaders:

John Githongo

John Githongo is from Kenya and has been called the ‘anti-corruption czar.’ He was once a Kenyan journalist who didn’t waste time in fighting corrupt leaders in Kenya.  He had to leave Kenya because of threats that endangered his life.  Kenya has become a hopeful and prosperous country in Africa. Today, he is still being mentioned among the most inspiring men in Africa.

Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba  was a great leader who ruled in the ancient Kingdom of what has become Yemen, Eriterea and Ethiopia. She was so great that even the Bible and Qur’an didn’t spare her the fame and recognition she deserved. She was famous for her question and answer session with King Solomon.

Tidjane Thiam

Tidjane Thiam  is a native of Côte d’Ivoire and has become the first black person to head a FTSE 100 listed company in the world. He led a lot of economical revolution in his country and in the United Kingdom.

Nuhu Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu has become a common household name in Nigeria because of his aggressiveness in fighting corruption. He was instrumental to the bringing down of some mighty and powerful men and women in the country, who were robed in corruption.

Patrick Awuah

Patrick Awuah may not be like Nuhu Ribadu in fighting corruption but he is famous for building a new generation of leaders in Africa. He worked with Microsoft before coming to Ghana his country, to establish Ashesi University.  Today, this university has become a beacon of hope to thousands of people around the world.



William Kamkwamba


William Kamkwamba broke the barriers when he was barely 14. He was the one who woke up with a hunger to change the way his people live by first building a windmill for his family.  He had used a book he got to build this windmill that provided power to his home.  His ingenuity shot him out of obscurity to fame.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is hailed as a powerful leader. She is African first female president. She fought with George Weah for the highly coveted seat. Liberia has become quiet and a home to many great banks and companies from around the world. She is a model that African women look up to when it comes to leadership.

These are not the only leaders who have inspired millions in Africa. There is hardly a generation that doesn’t produce great men and women in different facets of life who are doing exploits. Are you from Africa? Who are those leaders you think are great and inspiring?

You can comment below and help us expand this list. We are aware that thousands were omitted on this list because the people to be mentioned are endless.