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7 Countries You Can Visit With Nigerian Passports

Do you feel stuck with your Nigerian passport? While travelling abroad may require passing through many documentation processes, visa rejection could be scary to many people.

For instance, if you go through countries like the USA or Canada for your travel purpose and get a visa rejection, the experience is not pleasant.  Therefore, we have listed some of the countries you can visit with your Nigerian passport.


Visiting Benin requires a tourist visa for other nationals, but it is free for Nigerian citizens. So, the developing country of  Benin which is among the biggest cotton producers in Africa is a visa-free country of Nigeria.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is another visa-free country to Nigeria. It is a safe tourist destination but currently suffers from political instability. The economy of the country is agro-based, but gold mining is being developed of late. The poverty level of the country is at 40%.


Travelling to the Dominican Republic for Nigerian citizens is visa-free. Although the county has nascent infrastructure, it has all that is required to be a tourist destination. Its economy is agro-based, but hurricanes devastate its farms most times.

Places you can visit are Morne Trois Pitons National Port, Boiling lake, Victorica falls, Trafalgar Falls, Dominica’s beaches, Cabrits, National Park, and more.


Ghana is among the Nigerian free-visa countries, but it lasts for just 30 days. The country is well-policed, so you are sure of your safety as a visitor. Its income is driven by cocoa farming, and the exploration of gold and crude oil.

Top tourist destinations in Ghana are National Museum in Accra, National Theatre in Accra, the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Independence Square in Accra, and many more.


Nigerian citizens are issued a visa on arrival at Seychelles. Although the county has some crime flashpoints, it is a safe country to visit. The base of its economy is fishing, tourism, and the processing of agricultural products.

Its tourist attractions include Beau Vallon, AnseVolbert, Curieuse Island, Tempio Hindu, Anse Georgette, Copolia Trail, Anse Coco Beach, Moyenne Island, and more.


Nigerians can visit Niue with just their passport, visa-free.  The crime rate in the county is next to zero, but you have to be guided on how to move around and remain safe. The county depends on financial aid from New Zealand.

Agriculture, gardening in commercial quantity to be precise and the sale of postage stamps to foreign collectors are their main sources of national income. Top on the list of its tourist destinations is Limu Pools, Talava Arches, Matapa Chasm, Togo Chasm, Avaiki Cave, and many more.

São Tome and Principe

As a holder of a Nigerian passport travelling to São Tome and Principe it is visa-free, but you have to apply for an e-Visa. The country is so secure that you can move freely even at the night, but you have to tread with caution.

Some of the country’s top attractions are Sao Tome, Obo National Park, Santo António, Santana, Monte Café, Rolas Island, and many more.

Which one of these countries are you interested in visiting?