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6 Things You Cannot Afford to Miss When You Are in Africa

Now that you are in Africa, what are going to do with all the precious times you got on your hands? Never to worry because we have your imaginations challenged with six things you cannot afford to do when you are in this great continent.

Experience the Sossusvlei Balloon Safari

You cannot stop talking about what you felt at the Sossusvlei Balloon Safari.  At sunset, you can enter your inflating balloon that breaths and sounds like an excited dragon, and off you go to explore the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert.  You drift over endless dunes that will leave you taking photogenic opportunities that will always end with a breakfast.

See Turtles Track Majestically

With millions of teeny tiny turtles all over the place, you will love this turtle tracking that is magical.  You are hit by this feeling that will keep you rooted to one spot as these turtles make their ways to the sear. Come to the coasts of Zululand, situated in South Africa and enjoy this activity.

Walk Within the Luangwa National Parks


One of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries on earth is the Luangwa National Parks. This is true but walking in the park is something everyone wants to do. You will see some animals and birds that you may never see again.

Take a Canoe to the Lower Zambezi

Canoeing has taken another shape if you are in Africa, and the perfect place to take your chance is at the lower Zambezi. You are exposed to some of the world’s amazing wildlife species wandering in and out of this river.

Swim with the Whale Sharks

We will be taking you off the coast of Mozambique, where the oceans awaits you with the whale sharks. You can dive, swim or snorkel with manta rays and whale sharks and the experience is not forgotten easily.

Explore the Great White Cage Diving

If you are thinking of swimming with whale sharks, get your bag ready as we move to the Western Cape Coast of South Africa, where you will be submerged safely in a cage. You are left with the great predators of  the seas. We must tell you to calm your nerves and enjoy your moment because it is only a few that ever experience this.

These are some of the activities that bring you closer to Mother Nature. You are going to literally beg for the day to stand still as you move around these listed places.