6 Mysterious Places to Visit in Africa

Mysterious Places to Visit in Africa

Africa is blessed with many destinations that appear in many forms, some look like they were picked from fairy tale storybooks, some are boring, characterful, beautiful, while others are mysterious. The latter destinations will leave you perplexed when you see them.

We have listed some mysterious destinations you must visit in Africa. Here is a list of these places:

The Giant Blue Eye of Africa

In Mauritania, you will find one of the mysterious wonders in the continent. The Giant Blue Eye is found in the Western Sahara Desert in Mauritania. This place appears like the eye in the sands and in a blue circle.

It is a spectacular structure believed to be around 100 million years old.  This bull’s eye in the Sahara has sparked several scientific inquiries and none has been able to unravel the mystery surrounding this spot. Many people have tried to unravel the mystery behind the formation

Some people said it is a hole formed when God flooded the earth with water in the days of Noah, according to the Holy Bible.

 Lake Natron

Tanzania might be a tourist paradise, adored with islands and magnificent landscapes, but it houses a strange water-world called Lake Natron. Lake Natron is red-blood and very deadly water-world, bordering Kenya and Tanzania. The scene looks like a horror scene in a movie. The lake is saline and not suitable for living things  due to its soda and salt contents.

The sodium carbonate deposited in this lake was used by ancient Egyptians to mummify their dead. Interestingly, the lake serves as a base camp for climbing Ol Doinyou Lengai mountains and can be used for its soda.

Crooks’ Corner

Crooks’ Corner is in Limpopo, South Africa. This destination once served as a haven for outlaws and criminals. This place is located on the north-eastern end of the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Crooks’ Corner is a historical island that serves as a boundary linking  South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

It got its name from the number of outlaws who escaped the law to reside here in the 1990s.  It also serves as the confluence of River Limpopo and River Luvuvhu.


Snake Islands

Lagos, Nigeria has the Snake Islands. Do not bother looking for angry reptiles here because this destination is not about snakes. While Lagos is a mega city rapidly expanding with technology, the ancient Snake Islands is a contrast of everything the modern city believes.  The destination has its rustic appearance and  windy, snake-like nature of its communities.

The Abandoned Outdoor Movie Theatre

Egypt is home to an abandoned outdoor movie theatre, on the northern cape of the Sina Desert. A French man and his friends, who wanted something extraordinary in the desert, built the project. However, the locals were not impressed and sabotaged the opening of the theatre thereby making the site look like an abandoned outdoor movie theatre.

The Seven-Colored Earth of Chamarel

This mysterious destination is in Mauritius.  This volcanic eruption formation is a mystery to unravel on the south-western cape of Mauritius. It is  bordered by an 83-metre high waterfall, resulting in seven colors of earth spun together.


Which of these places would you like to visit during your next vacation to Africa?