6 African songs that Featured in Blockbuster Hollywood Movies

If there is something Africa knows how to do best, it is singing. Our culture is interwoven with music that has blended with the modern-day choice of music. We have Africans who have set their feet on the world map with their voices. From Nigeria to South African, Kenya to Congo, and the rest of Africa, we are blessed with great artistes. While most of these artistes have gained international recognition, few of them have found their songs in many highly rated movies.

Hollywood has recognized some of the original soundtracks from African artists. We would look at some of the songs that made the list.

Rocky Dawuni – Shine Your Light [Fist Fight]

How many of us still remember to Shine Your Light? Ghanaian Reggae singer Rocky Dawuni, a 2016 Grammy-nominee with the hit single “Shine A Light” got the praise he deserve when the song was used on a movie soundtrack.

The song was featured in a comedy movie that featured Richie Keen’s Fist Fight, starring Ice Cube, Charlie Day, Christina Hendricks, Jillian Bell, and Tracy Morgan. Fist Fight grossed over $40 million worldwide when it was first released.

Hugh Masekela – Sarafina [Sarafina]

Hugh Masekela’s hit song, Sarafina made it to Sarafina, a 1992 classic Hollywood movie set in South Africa. The movie starred Whoopi Goldberg, Miriam Makeba, Leleti Khumalo, John Kani, and Tertius Meintjies. The Soweto Uprising story was told in the movie.

Wizkid – Daddy Yo’ [Pacific Rim Uprising]

Wizkid’s Daddy Yo’ did not only make its mark in Africa,where it was a street anthem, but it also made it to the soundtrack for John Boyega’s film, Pacific Rim Uprising. John Boyega, a British-Nigerian who resides in the UK and features in many popular movies gave the 2017 hit song “Daddy Yo” its dues in his movie.

Wazimbo – Nwahulwana [The Pledge]

Wazimbo is considered one of the most popular traditional Mozambican dance style genre (marrabenta) artists. His 1988 hit track “Nwahulwana” was used as a soundtrack for the 2001 Sean Penn directed the movie “The Pledge”. Also, the song was featured in an advertisement by Microsoft.

2 Baba – African Queen [Phat Girlz]

2Baba popularly known as 2 Face took Africa on a love ride with his African Queen. The song caught everyone’s attention including Hollywood. The song was used in the movie Phat Girlz. The movie had its run with the song, which blended with the storyline.

Stella Mwangi – Big Girl [Rough Night]

Kenyan songstress, Stella Mwangi is known as STL has our attention with her song ‘Big Girl,’ which was selected as the soundtrack to the movie, Rough Night. The Hollywood movie was released to the public in June 2017.

These are a few of the artists who have made it to Hollywood with their songs. However, we have more artists whose songs are on many Hollywood movies, including other countries’ movies. Which of these songs do you know and which is/was your favorite.