5 Unusual Eating Experiences in Africa

Why waste so much traveling to London, Vienna or Paris when you can quench your culinary desire in Africa? Ever dreamed of dining in a setting that will offer you something extraordinary and amazing while you eat? We have rounded up five unusual and unforgettable restaurants that you can eat in Africa.   If you are in Zanzibar, we can proudly tell you that there is a huge rock situated in turquoise waters somewhere away from Zanzibar. We have caught your attention! We are sure that you are going to be blown away with our list.

The Tongabezi Raft, Zambia

Zambia has the Tongebezi Raft where two people can have a romantic dinner while they float on the Zambezi River that is spectacular and filled with hippopotamus wallowing some distance away from you.  The raft is located on the Zambezi River’s bank. Eating becomes fun with the pristine wilderness that surrounds you. The eating experience is something that some exotic destinations on earth may not be able to offer you.

One Ingredient, Cape Town

Cape Town is a tourist haven.  While you slip your wine, a professional chef is busy preparing your meal while you watch at One Ingredient. Master Chef Matt Manning understands what it means to create an amazing and magical dining experience.   Manning has worked under celebrity chef like Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsay to name but a few.

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar

Take your partner and blow his or her breath away when you come to the Rock Restaurant. This is one of the enviable restaurants in Africa that is perched on a very big rock and surrounded by the ocean. You watch raw beauty and the pure simplicity of an eatery that is second to none.  You will breathe the sea air while feast on delicious meals.  In the beginning, this was a fisherman’s post and today,it has been transformed to a magical dining place.

The Carnivore, Kenya

You love meat? The Carnivore will put you on the table and dish out some of the best meat menus you have never seen before. The meat is not the attraction only but the environment. It is located in a lush tropical garden that gives you the serenity that you want. Noise is not included because the bustling city of Nairobi is only close-by. Interesting sauces,  vegetarian dishes, or soups are served alongside the meat.


The Sky, Johannesburg

South Africa has numerous amazing places you can eat.  The beauty of some of these restaurants can better be experienced with its extraordinary features. The Sky brings guests to closer to the heavens. The Sky is suspended some fifty meters from a crane and it is an experience that will refuse to be forgotten.  A romantic dinner cannot be less beautiful when you are away from this earth. What do you think?

These are some of the few places you can have that extraordinary eating experience in Africa. Do you have any place you may want us to add to this list? You can comment below.