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5 Things You Will Miss When You Leave Your Nigerian Parents’ Home

Nigerians parents are special breed of parents no matter how educated they are. It seems they are schooled subconsciously on how to raise their kids. God help you that you are the adventurous type, the long ‘koboko’ or cane will always teach you lessons each time you go astray. Nevertheless, growing up in a Nigerian home is exciting. There is hardly a life situation that you may not experience if you came from a middle class family.

There is one prayer for most Nigerian kids; become independent and move out of papa and mama’s home.  Interestingly, there are things you will surely miss when you leave your Nigerian parents’ home.

The over-protection that can be annoying


It’s not every home that you are allowed to visit in the neighborhoods. Some homes are a no-go-area and you are expected to stay clear from the kids in those homes and the free meals that come from those places.

One day you will pack your things and leave your parents home. The feeling is always as though you have been released from jail.

Nagging that is worse than punishment

Sometimes, it is best you are flogged mercilessly to the nagging you will receive from a Nigerian parent.  Nagging is a common way to instill discipline in you without actually getting punished. God save you that your parents are the night-naggers, they will wake you and call a night meeting that will linger for a long time.

The threats to disown you

The Nigerian culture is unique because family is number one. The fear to be disowned is the beginning of wisdom.  You dare not get pregnant if you are from a strict home! You can’t smoke or even have a boyfriend or girlfriend at a certain age. No! It is never expected! Any of these can incur the wrath of your family.