5 Things to Consider Before Picking Your Asoebi

Are you getting married soon? Have you thought of the Asoebi for your girls? If you have thought of what your ladies will wear on your big day, the time to do so has come. When it comes to picking the right Asoebi, we have many things to consider.

Today, Asoebi has become a must-have for almost all our weddings, especially in Nigeria. We do not see it going away any time soon. It does not matter your tribe or religion when it comes to using Asoebi for your event, the importance of this outfit cannot be overemphasized.

Brides-to-be often take time to get the perfect Asoebi for their weddings. 

We see these brides and their friends search endlessly online for their outfits. Looking beautiful is every African woman’s business, but looking stunning is the duty of every bride.

Therefore, brides take time to pick the best Asoebi fabric and design. 

No one wants to have a wedding that has badly dressed people. It doesnt look good and in some cases might not augur well for the celebration. If you want to choose the right and perfect Asoebi for your big day, we have these tips for you.

Wedding Theme

The wedding theme should be at the back of the mind of a bride who is searching for an Asoebi fabric, colour, and design. You do not pick a contrary fabric colour to your wedding theme. You should ensure that the colour you pick resonates with your wedding theme.

The Colours

When picking your fabric, the colour you go for defines your day. You should understand that some colours will always be in vogue. We have colours that should not be used during certain seasons. When picking your colour, ensure that they match and blend with your style. Do not overwhelm your day with too many colours. You should pick at most three colours for your big day.


Ethnic groups and culture have a part to play in selecting your Asoebi. 

Your wedding scene might look out of place if you use the wrong outfit for your day. Make use of an outfit that blends with what is obtainable around your city.

However, nothing stops you from having a unique wedding theme that is from another tribe.

Quality of the fabric

You should consider the quality of the fabrics when you want to pick your Asoebi. For you to make your wedding spectacular and rich you have to pick a fabric that your guests will value and appreciate. You should get a fabric that will stand the test of time. Go for quality when picking your Asoebi fabric.

The Cost

Do not dwell more on the expensive fabrics if you are on a tight budget. 

You should go for good quality fabric for your Asoebi. You do not have to break a bank before you get the perfect fabric for your wedding. Avoid expensive materials that no one would afford among your friends.

These are some of the things to consider when you want to pick your Asoebi. Have more ideas?, drop it in the comment box for others to learn.