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5 Things That Will Surprise a First Time Visitor to Nigeria

Have you visited Nigeria?  Nigeria may not be the most beautiful country in the world, but there is no place like Nigeria.  The story of Nigeria can best be told by a visitor who must have been mesmerized by its exotic waters, breathtaking landscapes, amazing cuisine and mind-blowing cultures.  For a first time visitors, there are probably in for a bit of surprises, no matter how they have been schooled about Nigeria.

Here are some of things that may surprise you about Nigeria.

Power Outages: NEPA

Everyone hates NEPA! If you are coming to Nigeria from any advance country where light must not go off except during emergencies, you are going to be alarmed or even think of emergency only if you are lodged in a luxury hotel. Power doesn’t go off once a week in any part of Nigeria but multiple times daily. There are days you cannot help it because of the noise from generators and horrible smell of gasoline.

Noise and Shout

The noise can be unbearable in the country if you have never experienced noise for a long duration. Welcome to Nigeria where everyone is excited.  Most locals lack communication etiquette, and when they take calls or speak to you, all you hear is shout. Don’t worry because you will definitely get used to it.

The Traffic is Crazy

No matter where you are coming and thinks that your country’s traffic is worse, wait till you come to Nigeria. From Lagos to Aba, Onitsha to Enugu and the rest of the country, you may end up literally in tears especially if you are late to catch your flight.  A beautiful city like Port Harcourt can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to traffic.