5 Things You Should Know About Braids Before You Get Your Own

Braids look good on ladies especially when it is handled by a professional.   It doesn’t matter the season that the hair is braided, what matters are how it looks on you. If it is your first time of trying a braid, you may not know what to expect until the work is over.  The entire experience begins from choosing the perfect braid and sitting for a long time with a hairdresser, who makes sure that you pick another stunning appearance.

There are many shops that have stylists but it is not every stylist that can handle your braid the you want it. With that in mind, you should do your homework well before going for your hair braiding.

  1. Do a Quick Search on the Hairdresser

The internet is all you need to do a search on a stylist.  Unfortunately, in Africa, most hair braiding salons are without an online influence. This is going to be another task for you. However, the social media can be your friend, if you know the stylist on Instagram or Facebook.

  1. Choose the Style Before Your Appointment

It may be challenging for you to start thinking of the hair style you need at the salon. Before you think of getting the right hair style, make sure that you have your style first. If you have bought your extension, you should let your stylist know before-hand. It is easy to choose between synthetic or human hair, all you need to do is ask questions before buying. Some ladies leave the extensions to the stylists they can trust to get the best one for them.

  1. You shouldn’t Braid After Relaxing

Relaxing your hair before you get your braid is no advisable because hair must have been stretched and altered the pH balance. . You should wait about two months after relaxing to get your braids.

  1. The Braids Shouldn’t be Tight

The point of making use of braids is to ensure that the hair is protected. If the braids you made are tight on you, it would cause hair breakage. The hair may even be destroyed if it is too tight on you. Tight braids may give you that instant face lift but it is going to cause havoc on your hair. This may not be what you are trying to experience.

  1. Regular Maintenance

A misconception that people have while wearing braids is that they don’t need regular maintenance on their hair.  The scalp should be moisturized and clean because if you don’t do that, you may end up having dread locks and excessive breakage.

Finally, you should know that braids are one of the finest hair styles you can get. It does not only make you look prettier, it maintains your hair if it is handled by a professional. Don’t try to do braid yourself because it may not look as good as you want it to be. Did we miss any point? Let us know by commenting below.