5 Stuffs Africans May Not Do Without

Africans are unique set of people! If you think this is not true, then you may not have spent quality time with an African. They are amazingly generously and spend lavishly when they want to.  Sometimes, they do things to the extreme to achieve goals. Little  wonder, we see them around the world doing great things  for mankind.

Do you know there are things that Africans may find it difficult to resist?  A lot of Africans may have to go the extra miles to ensure that they receive these stuffs. We have listed some of these things:

The Love for Free Things

If you have lived a major part of your life outside the shores of Africa where most things are not free, you would appreciate living in Africa. There are a lot of things that are free in Africa.  Africans can kill for lottery, wedding souvenirs, drinks, foods and bonanzas. Today, the love for free WiFi cannot be fully explained here.

Lottery To Visit America

It is falsely believed that America is plated with gold. The streets are littered with money and immediately you arrive, you are rich. This is laughable because most Africans arrive the United States with this mind set and end up frustrated.  When you have the opportunity of getting a lottery, there is no type of joy that can express how you would feel like an African.

The Social Network Craziness

There is no payment on the social media except the megabytes that are used. The craziness for the social media has met Africans and there is no cure for this.   There is no place like the virtual world for Africans who are ready to mingle with others.  There is no where the social media craziness has not touched in the lives of African. the religious places are not spared because you would still see people logging into their social networks.


Some people don’t care who is playing or winning but there are many who cannot do without important games. They can fight or even kill for their clubs. It can get worse for couples who shared different clubs and they are watching their matches at the same time.

Celebrations and Events

Celebrations are never ignored if you are an African. This is the time to show off the latest fashion trend and impress your mates. Money is spent, markets are patronized and there is a sudden hike on transportation and items.  It doesn’t matter because Africans are going to spend so much to look good for such event or celebration. If you want free foods or drinks, why waste your time at home when the next building is having such to throw away? We love celebrating everything good- child birthday, child birth, house or cars purchase and promotion.

You may not understand this unique lifestyle if you are not an African,, but this is what makes us exceptionally amazing. The next time you come to Africa, look out for these events and see how Africans reacts.