5 Principles For Stylish and Smart Dressing in Hot Weather

If you are an office person, this season may not be a great one for you. You may be enveloped by an air con environment while inside your office, but immediately you step out of your office or car especially in the afternoon, you will be singing a different song.  The temperature is rising day by and day, men and women who are obliged to dress to impress may be having a lot of challenges to stay cool. The heat is not an excuse for you to let down your dress code.  Interestingly, it is an opportunity to make use of new fabrics, colour and style. These are what you should do;

Lightweight Fabrics and Clothing

The perfect fabrics if you are in the tropical are natural materials made from linen or cotton that are lightweight.

  • You should make sure that the material is lightweight.
  •  If light can pass through the clothing when you pass it through light.
  • Light and natural fabrics dry faster.

Lighter waves of wool are preferred like madras, seersucker or poplin, not twill, which is what materials like jeans are made of.  It is obvious that most jeans materials are heavy and may not allow you to relax comfortable when you are in the sun.

Breathable Clothing

You will feel uncomfortable when high humidity combines with high temperature. The easiest way to ease off is by perspiring heat away.

  • You should maintain a cool body temperature by allowing air circulation. This is what fabrics can help you achieve
  • Breathable fabrics are the ideal materials during the hot season.

Fabrics that are breathable will be able to allow perspiration happen without trapping moisture and creating unpleasant odours. Cottons can absorb sweats and allow the body breathes freely. However, that a material is lightweight does not mean that it can be breathable. Silk is not perfect because it retains heat.

Protective Clothing

One of the things you should check when shopping for hot weather is the protective nature of a cloth.  A cloth that cannot protect you from the sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays should not be used.

The Clothing Construction

The construction of a clothing is important while picking especially for men. If  clothing cannot exhibit the breathable and lightweight properties, it is best considered useless. Take for instance, a blazer that is lined with satin, silk or polyester, the fabrics are going to heat up the inner layers.

Lighter Colour Materials

It is a general knowledge that dark colours absorb more light compared to light colours.  The dark coloured materials tend to be hotter during the hot season.  Dark shades of green, puple and blue can generate thermal energy when they are exposed to hot weather. Whether you are an office person or not, light coloured materials are preferred during this climatic condition.

Linen Shirts

Bring down your body temperature when you go for linen shirts that are comfortable and lightweight. Though, you need time during ironing to make it straightened.

For cotton materials, you should go for 100% cotton. Oxford cotton, Herringbone and twill should not be your option during the hot season.

Being comfortable during hot weather is a priority. You can achieve this with light coloured breathable and lightweight fabrics that are constructed with the right materials. Style should not be sacrificed when choosing materials for the weather.  You can get a good mix of classic style and comfort for the season. You may have to stay away from black coloured clothing as much as you can especially if you are not using an air conditioned car and office.  Medically, you can avoid rashes and other heat related sicknesses when you dress properly during the hot season.