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5 Most Amazing Places to Eat in Kenya

Kenya doesn’t shy away when it comes to mesmerizing its visitors with the good things of life.  The country has one of the enviable wildlife scenes in the world. Even if you are not coming to Kenya for her safari, its multicultural cuisine would definitely charm you off your feet.  The culinary talent, cutting edge and bustling restaurants in the country provide you with some water-watering meals you can only eat in Kenya.

We have listed some of the best places you can eat in the country and we bet you may not be disappointed with the five choices we have made for you.


Hashmi has blended the Indian cuisine perfectly with the local cuisine. It is located close to a popular mall called Nakumatt Ukay. It is family run investment that boasts of many menus you may love to experiment with your taste buds.  You can try these dishes when you visit Hashmi; poussin chips  that is known to be fierce that is accompanied with tikka fish , chooza chicken with  sauce, or even  the khimachapatti with garden salad.

About Thyme

 Just like the name, this eatery   is not competing with any restaurant in Kenya. It is legendary for its leafy scenario that is serene. The menu is eclectic and you can easily order for continental cuisine here.  The chefs are professionals and experienced to present your meal the way you want it.  If   you are a vegetarian, there is a spot for you here.  Don’t forget to order for desert  if you ever come here to eat.


The picturesque location of Tamarind is exception.  Thinking of Kenyan seafood, come to Tamarind, where you can eat extensive and continental meat dishes and seafood. The environment is inviting and classic.  The South African sauvignon blanc can be order cold to take in meals like the garlic jumbo prawns and fried crab claws. Vegetarians also have a place here.


Misono is exotic in its setting and amazing in its menu selections.  The local meal teppenyaki , Japanese sashimi and sushi are some of the meals you would surely fall in love with.  Misono is located at the centre of Ngong and it is family-run. You can have that indulgent eating experience here as you relax and eat.

Il Covo

If there is one place you need to visit with your family in Kenya, it is  Il Covo, Bamburi.  The verandah is exposed to the sandy Bamburi beach. The environment is delectable and elegant to ensure every visitor is relaxed.  You can have a perfect view of the Indian Ocean from the balconies if you climb the deck. Meals like Italian pizza, fresh sushi and lots more are  some of the people’s favourite here.

We have more eateries that would woo you and beat your imagination in Kenya. The good thing about these eateries is that they have been built to make you eat well and healthy. The affordability of the meals depends on where you are eating.