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5 Magical Spots That Will Blow Your Mind in Africa

Whether you are riding around Africa or gawking as you stand at a pinnacle to watch Africa, you will be impressed.  With the expansive landmarks and formidable animal activities, Africa is arguably one place where photographers dream to visit.

The different cities and villages scattered around the continent make it inspiring and you are inspired to be in Africa. The following are some stunning spots in Africa that will challenge your imagination.

The great migration-Tanzania

Tanzania has one activity that you can only visit to fully capture; we not talking about the river but the great migration that is second to none in the world. The thunder of hooves on dirt cannot be captured alone by a camera lens.  The huge number of wildebeest and the zebra making their annual migration is one activity you will ever appreciate even years later.

The migration is not a seasonal activity but a year round event and it happens from Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Reserve at the beginning of the year and hit Kenya’s Masai Mara around September.


Table Mountain-South Africa

South Africa got the wine, table and the company that you may ever need during vacation. Cape Town doesn’t hide the Table Mountain when you visit one of the best beach cities in the world.  Cape Town is also one of the most photogenic cities in the world.

The cable car rides that will take you to the peak of the mesa, allows you to watch the fantastic sunrise and sunsets. Don’t forget to come along with your camera.

 Djmaa el Fna-Morocco

Djmaa el Fna is a mesmerizing marketplace in Morocco. You can forget the stunning landscapes in Morocco and visit an exciting town square that will tell you that you are in Africa.  You will get loss with amazing sights in the heart of the Marrakech such as the story-tellers, snake-charmers and date-sellers who are seen selling at their stalls.

The night attracts the tribal drummers, mobile restaurateurs, lady-boy dancers and lots more to Dnmma el Fna. The smell of bread, salad and grilled meats rises above the stalls and make you salivate.

Sossusvlei Dunes-Namibia

You will love Sossusvlei if you ever set your feet in Namibia. ‘ The gathering place of water’ is what Sossusvlei means but you have to come with your water supply if you are to stay hydrate here.  This is an outstanding attraction that would get you blown off again and again. The way the dunes are developed can only be explained by Mother Nature.

Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Awesome is the only word that can describe this water spectacles in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Victoria Falls often called “The Cloud That Thunders” will make your scream in delight. The Falls has become one of the world’s most photogenic spot.