5 Learning Apps For African Students

Learning in Africa can be tough. Today, you don’t have to search far to help secondary/high school students in Africa enjoy the best education. Over the year, many students have struggled to pass their examinations because of poor education background.

For instance, mathematics has become a major challenge for many African students. We have seen many students cringe when they want to write mathematics exams. To compound their woes, most parents don’t have an idea how to help these kids.  Thankfully, we have seen many education apps that can help you these kids learn mathematics and other subjects without difficulty.

We have listed some of the best learning apps for students:


uLesson has become one of the best educational platform for primary/basic and secondary/high school students in Africa. You don’t have to worry about your kids’ education with this app. Developed by uLesson education, the app can help students learn numerous subjects with engaging and in-depth pre-recorded video lessons.

In addition, it has timed Mock exams that can help kids  to get familiar with exam situations. uLesson has an offline and online support, which makes it amazing for people without stable internet.


Afrilearn was developed by Afrilearn to support students with its vast library of advanced taught subjects. The app is perfect for junior and senior secondary school classes.  Afrilearn can help students analyze their strength, progress and improve in many areas through real-time analytic reports.

You can access some content offline, which can cut down the cost of data.


Robert and John Limited developed Roducate as a comprehensive curriculum-based e-learning platform. You don’t have to struggle to use this platform because it has organized mock examinations and content for all subjects.

In addition, you can chat with counselors on career and academic issues.


If you want a private tutor for your teenage child, consider using SimbiBot, which is ideal for secondary school students. Furthermore, students don’t get limited to simplified lesson notes and more than 30,000 practice questions with detailed answers.

You can use the app online and offline to master your subjects.

Complete Mathematics

Complete Mathematics was created by Inducesmile.com for learning mathematics. Kids can learn in a simple way, especially those who have problems with mathematics. You don’t have to make any payment to use this app.

It comes with quizzes, theory questions, brain teasers math tricks, and much more. If you want to write WAEC, it is great because it uses some past examination questions.

These five apps are not the only educational platforms for kids in Africa. You can find many apps that can help your kids learn more. By visiting the Apple or Android stores, you can find more educational applications suitable to the African landscape. Parents who don’t have the resources to send their kids to good schools can turn to these apps for support.

While some of these apps have premium option, you can use the free option for your kid if you cannot make the payment. However, most of these apps are affordable and can be used by anyone with a smart device.

The future is now to act with these apps if you have kids in primary and secondary classes.