5 Favourite Meals You Cannot Resist in Africa

Africa is the mother of inventive cooking! If you have tasted Nigerian Jollof rice or Muamba de Galinha from Angola, you would understand why Africa has been argued to have cooks who are always experimenting to bring to the table irresistible meals.  The fact that African dishes are not fully represented in the culinary kingdom, makes African meals look exotic.

From root vegetables and maize porridges to sumptuous meals like stews, breyanis and tagines, Africa fully represents everyone’s appetite. This article would talk about five of these dishes that are popular.

Piri piri chicken- Mozambique

You may be forced to salivate when you see piri priri chiken the first time. Come over to Mozambique and savour the country’s cuisine that is a blend of the Arab, oriental, Portuguese and African blend. Thinking of creamy sauces, fragrant spices and sizzling seafood, Mozambique is often the first choice you can make.

Galinha à Zambeziana is a succulent chicken that is fully cooked with garlic, pepper, lime, piri piri sauce and coconut milk that is referred to as chicken piri piri.

Jollof rice – Nigeria

There have been a culinary war between Ghana and Nigeria over the years that bothers on which of the countries ‘ jollof rice is the best.  Nigeria prides itself as the haven of jollof rice,  a meal that is greatly favored by people from around the world. Most festivals may not  do without it and if it is ever missing in an event, egusi soup- another favourite meal may take its place.

Pap en vleis/Shisa nyama- South Africa

South Africa has numerous meals you would surely love. However, Pap en vleis (maize porridge and meat) stands out among other succulent streaks. The meal is a treasured meal that you cannot resist.  With a bottle of beer, you can have one of the best meals ever in South Africa.

Kapenta with sadza-Zimbabwe

Maize porridge comes in many varieties and in Zimbabwe, it comes with a delicious fish in a meal. Kapenta is a freshwater fish that is a source of protein that is accompanied by maize porridge that the locals called sadza. You will definitely want to take more of kapenta with sadza when you on vacation in Zimbabwe.

Koshari, Egypt

Have you been Egypt? Coming to Egypt is a dream come true for many visitors coming to Africa. If there is one thing that most visitors to Egypt find it difficult to let go of, it is a local meal called Koshari. Koshari is a vegetarian meal of lentils,  rice, garlic, macaroni that are blended perfected to give you an amazing  taste. Egypt cannot be complete if there is no koshari. You see families savour this meal without reservation and God save you if you are not charmed by the taste of koshari. If you ever fall in love with this delicious and healthy meal, you will always want more of it like Oliver Twist.

Have you tasted any of these meals? Tell us the meal you would have loved us to have added to this list.