5 Artificial Intelligence Tools You Should Start Using No Matter What You Do

The world is gradually shifting to the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Whether you want to check spelling of your content or calculate your monthly expenses, a bit of AI can help you.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the application of computer science to the creation of machines that can recognize patterns and make decisions, think, learn and perform tasks almost as human beings do.

We all use AIs in our daily lives, but most of us don’t know what makes these tools tick. In this article, you will learn more about these tools. Here are 5 artificial intelligence tools everyone can use to get ahead in their digital world.

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest trends right now and it’s here to stay. The 5 AI tools anyone can use are big data, Chatbot, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, (ML), and Deep Learning.

Big Data:

Big data is the same data we know but it has to do with its size. When they run into terabytes they are referred to as big data.

The internet has made it easier to generate massive amount of data which can be processed to extract valuable information about trends. In the cause of our daily business we may generate volumes of data that cannot be processed manually like managing warehouses or sales outlets of a big business concern or daily trading on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Such data can only be processed by Artificial Intelligence.


Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence used in customer relationships. It responds to customers’ inquiries in a human language as a human would do, and without human assistance. Its response can be by audio or by text or both. Chatbots try to be conversational and usually could provide first responses to queries before potentially referring to a human chat agent.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Artificial Intelligence that blends real-time pictures, sound, or text with a digital augmentation to reinforce reality.

For example, they are used in beauty shops and bouquets for the digital testing of cosmetics and new dresses. They are also used in the tourism industry to project pictures of civilizations of antiquity on the real-time image of the historic place. Their aim is to augment our experiences of life.

Machine Learning, (ML)

Machine Learning, (ML) is another type of Artificial intelligence. It uses data and algorithms to learn the way humans do. With the data it is fed with it can make predictions and take decisions. It can be used in the fields of medicine, agriculture, voice recognition, and more. Though similar to big data; unlike big data, the distinction between big data and machine learning usually comes with the volume and speed in which data is parsed to big data algorithms compared tr regular machine learning.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is an Artificial Intelligence that makes computers takes random decisions humans would have taken if they are in the same situation. It is used in voice control of television, hands-free speakers, phones, and many more. You can use it on a domestic device at home that can recognize your voice or image.

The number of AI tools available to help us is numerous online. Today, AI can help you talk to customers, schedule meetings, or even act as a virtual assistant when you are away.


Finally, AI has become an alternative to many people who need fast solutions to their needs. Though revolutionary and impressive, AI mainly assists in our daily workflows. You can take advantage of the mentioned tools in the article to improve your life.