5 Amazing Cultures You Will Meet in Africa

All over the world, we have unique cultures that differentiate a city from another or a village from another. These cultures are respected and tell us a lot about where we are visiting. Welcome to Africa where we have hundreds of cultural differences that will blow your mind.  Some of the cultures in Africa have not been affected by civilization, making them rare and amazing.

There are some places you visit in Africa and their traditions are fascinating and also a mystery.  It is often difficult to comprehend such practices and the role they play in the society. In Africa, you are opportune to see many cultures that you will love and also few that you will abhor. Whether you are interested in culture or not, we have listed five amazing cultures that will make your day.

Bride Price on Paper

There is a place in Southern Africa where a weird culture is practiced. Unlike some other places where bride price is discussed openly, Lobola, a controversial and ancient practice has something else for you. The families of the bride and groom have to negotiate the cost of the bride in writing. There is no need for meeting face to face, everything is done in writing.

Staying With The Mothers

In Gio, a tribe in Ivory Coast, kids are not allowed to live with their fathers. The mothers who live in typical small huts share these huts with their kids until they are old enough.

The Boys Are Raised by Uncles

The Songo tribe in the Northern Angola has their unique cultures too. However, the one we will talk about is the male children. These kids aged between five or six years are expected to live with their maternal uncles. The reason for this is because the chiefs get their positions and titles through matrilineal lines.

Beating up A Suitor

In Nigeria, the Fulani tribe is notorious for flogging or beating up a suitor.   The reason for this is to get a better man among many suitors.  Initially, the suitors are to compete for a bride by beating themselves. The last man standing is the husband of the bride.

Wild Animals Preservation

Killing wild animals is not something that is common for the Massai people of Kenya and Tanzania.  The wild animals are allowed to move around without harm coming their way. The livestock and cattle are freely kept around them.