4 Quick Steps of Starting a Food Service Business in Africa

Food service business is doing great in Africa. The secret is open! Everyone must eat food, however, the success of a food business depends on the budget, concept and the site. There are so many chances to engage in Africa’s growing restaurant market. However, there are many things one has to put into consideration before beginning in order to be successful in this business.

Get A Rare Concept

This is the number one step in ensuring that the restaurant remains alive. As we discovered in the last section, when it comes to restaurants and food services, there are different types.

Do you prefer a fast food? This business could be started off with a small amount as capital. It could be a small side shop down the road or even near your home. Also, huge capital investment can be made if you wish to buy into a popular fast food franchise.

There are also the ethnic restaurants and the fine dining restaurants. If you would like to begin an ethnic restaurant, a reasonable amount of money would be spent to hirea professional chef who is a specialist in preparing Indian, Chinese, Thai and any local dish of your choice.

Would you rather prefer a fine dining restaurant? First acknowledge the fact that this requires a huge amount of money mostly in employing very professional and highly experienced staff.

To make a decision on the kind of restaurant to start, an effective way is to carefully scan your area and the targeted individuals.

Are the people earning higher wages or lower wages?

Do those individuals spend time on family outings such that they could bring their families to the restaurant or are they busy people who just want a quick lunch?

Will that kind of restaurant be too expensive that they cannot afford it?

Are they students, labourers, working class, or old people?

Are they customers who prefer a proper and balanced meal?

In the determination of the kind or nature of the restaurant you want to start, your full comprehension of the market is needed. As important as the capital and appropriate planning, a food business no one is interested in would be a waste.

Look For a Good and Proper Location

The location or site of your food business is a very vital factor. If you want to be successful in your restaurant, you should consider.

Is your restaurant located in an area close to your targeted individuals?

Will your restaurant be easy to locate?

In cases of fine dining restaurants, your business should be located in a residential part of the city where your targeted individuals live or work.

How large will the parking space be?

Will it be enough the number for the individuals you expect?

How secure is the area? Is it crime free?

How much is the rent paid for the location? This is a very essential question as it would determine how much profit you get.

Get a business plan

You have to verify whether or not you require permits or licences to start up a restaurant in your desired location. The things required ate different based on city. However, you need to have a proper and organized business plan.

You need to confirm if you need any permits or licenses to operate a food business in the location you have chosen. These requirements differ from city to city. In addition to this, your business plan needs to be in place and doesn’t have to be complex or too elaborate. It is important to note all your thoughts about the business on paper as this enables you identify some major setbacks and other hidden factors.

The layout, seating capacity, arrangement will have to be noted in your plan. Also, you will need to set up a menu and get the  very best locations and markets for obtaining food stuff.

It is important to invest in the proper kitchen equipment like refrigerators, kitchen and tablewares. The key element of your planning should be on the number and type of individuals you are willing to employ.

Great thought should be taken on the competition.

How many are they?

Will your restaurant be able to pull through with the competition? If so, how?

At a stable and affordable price, will your restaurant have delicious food, wonderful customer service, clean environment or rich food?

A serious challenge will surely arise if you have no strategy to pull through the competition.

Execute your plan and open for business

It would only be a matter of time before your business starts making profit if you’ve thought properly about it and set it up where market can find you. But, there are still some success tips you should know. They are being discussed in the section below.